Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Ready or Not?

The Rays are a win away from heading to the World Series.  That means we will have another contest approaching as part of my month long Save Second Base event.  The response this year has been amazing!!!!

Today I am going to go with a fan's choice pick and introduce
Samara Weaving

She has appeared in SMILF (you should know what a MILF is, this is the Single version)

I became aware of her because of the film, Ready or Not.  The movie is about a young woman (Weaving) who marries into a family whose tradition is to play a game on the night of wedding.  If Hide and Seek is picked it becomes a game of life and death. Very bizarre, very awesome.

She will be appearing in the upcoming Snake Eyes prequel that is going to be a reboot for the G.I. Joe franchise.  The movie was intended to come out this year, but has been delayed until October 2021 due to the pandemic. 

Blogger Bulldog wrote about her last October when giving his review for The Babysitter.

The film focuses on a young boy named Cole who has a crush on his babysitter, but finds out that her and her friends are doing human sacrifices in the house.
You can view the trailer here.  Cole had a crush on her because she was the first girl to be nice to him.  Sometimes, being the first isn't always the best.

Jesse Hahn likely won't forget his first strikeout in the majors as it was the previous year's National League MVP, Andrew McCutchen.  Because I can't figure out how to add YouTube clips on my mobile device with the new blogger, I can only link you to the strikeout video here

Hahn has played for San Diego, Oakland, and now Kansas City.  He had a tremendous year in 2020 giving up only 4 hits and 1 run in over 17 innings of relief.  


  1. Very cool card. Never heard of the actress.

  2. Thanks for the shoutout and for sharing more of Samara Weaving. I haven't seen Ready or Not but I will after seeing your review. Another fun post!

  3. I'm following her on Instagram, bit can't remember seeing her in any movies. That seems to be happening quite a bit.

  4. If you're semi-proficient with HTML, you can copy and embed the YouTube video that way. It's not the greatest, but it does the job.

  5. I liked Jesse Hahn while he was with the Padres. Was hoping he'd blossom into a top of the rotation starter, but seemed to have injury problems. Glad to see he's still pitching and doing well.

    Watched The Babysitter a month or so back for a "Netflix Party" with my team from work. I'm not a big horror guy, but I enjoyed it fine, with her looks being a bright spot.

  6. Ready or Not seems interesting. A good way to keep the family at a manageable size.

  7. Nice card. Another lady I haven't heard of! Keep 'em coming.

  8. No idea who the female is... but I remember Hahn from his days with the A's.

  9. Dont know who she Is but hop9ng Ray's win though Astros seem tough