Sunday, January 17, 2021

The Official Goals List

We are officially a few weeks into the New Year so I think it's about time to set some goals.  
One of the best advice I ever got from a supervisor was when they said "bowling is more fun with the lights on."  I'm going to paraphrase hear, but he went on to explain what that meant.  Well if you go bowling with your friends and it's dark and you throw the ball down and hear some pins fall, it's pretty cool.  But when you throw the next ball and don't hear any pins, you're left wondering what happened.  Bowling is always more fun with the lights on.  You need to see what the goals are so that you can win.

If I want to consider my collecting ways to be fun in 2021, I need to have goals.

So first and foremost I want to have fun with adding new McCutchen items to the collection.  This should be an easy goal.

I want to add another BIG 1/1 to the collection.  2020 saw me add another Topps Chrome Superfractor to the collection, a Jackie Robinson game used Patch with signature, and a few printing plate completed rainbows.  I want to add something similar this year.  Superfractor, Prizm Black Finite, 1/1 relic (bat knob, bat barrel, or any other unique item), or an Optic Golden Vinyl will be on the radar for this year.

I want to add another 3D licensed item I need to the collection (souvenir cup, store display item, stadium giveaway, etc)

McCutchen is an official sponsor for Marucci so I would love to add some printed magazine articles ads or even store display items for Marucci this year.
I have a Marucci store display with Buster Posey and Alex Bregman, but there is one that exists with Chase Utley, Albert Pujols, David Ortiz, and Jose Bautista on it.
Getting a printed form of the above image would be a huge score for the collection.

Get a Pink/Magenta card from a prior year (2016 or earlier) I need in advance of October's #SAVESECONDBASE event.   

Add 50 new McCutchen cards to the collection from his Pirates playing days (2005-2017)

Update my checklist to have an accurate amount of what cards I own by the 1st of every month.  I feel like this will be the hardest goal for me.

Add ticket stubs for any monumental games (1st HR, multiHR games, 500 hit, 1000 hit, 1500 hit game, 100HR game, 200HR game, 100SB game, etc)

Add a unique game used item to the collection.


  1. Actually I bet "Cosmic Bowling" is really fun. They turn off the main lights and turn on black lights and there are a bunch of glowing stuff.

  2. Awesome and best of luck on your goals!

  3. Best of luck on your goals. Can't wait to see what unique game-used item you pick up in 2021 for your collection.