Saturday, February 11, 2017

Name this Segment Contest

Hey guys. In order to generate some extra awareness of this blog I need your help. Here's the concept.

Back of baseball cards have a lot of neat stats, BUT they also provide some very interesting facts.  Sometimes they mention other players career achievements on the back. I would like to make a segment (not sure if it will be monthly or weekly or random) where I highlight the player in question.

In a way I see these segments becoming similar to a Spider-Man Team Up comic book.  It's still a Spider-Man comic, but each month a new "guest" will appear.

Today's card is a 2013 New Age Performers card (#NAP-AM) from Topps Heritage.  It compares Andrew's near MVP performance in 2012 to Tony Oliva's 1964 season.

Being a baseball fan, obviously I am aware of Tony's accomplishments in short recognition.  It wasn't until I read this card though that I decided to research all that Tony accomplished in his brief injury ridden career.

In reviewing his accomplishments, I think that Tony Oliva belongs in the Hall of Fame.  He missed getting voted in by the Golden Era Committee by 1 vote in 2014.

Let's look at what Tony accomplished during his career.
8x All-Star Games (1964-1971)
3x Batting Titles (1964, 1965, 1971)
Gold Glove Award (1966)
Rookie of Year (1964)
Twins Retired #6

Tony suffered many injuries which lead to him becoming a full time DH.  His first eight seasons lead to him being an All-Star which at the time was a record previously held by Joe Dimaggio. He had 1,917 career hits and 220 Home Runs. At his career peak 8 seasons, his Hall of Fame worthy career reached 42.3 Wins Above Replacement.

Do you think Tony belongs in the Hall of Fame OR the Hall of Very Good?

So here's the contest
1) Leave a comment with a suggestion name for these "Team-Ups"
This will automatically give you entry for the contest

2)Pimp the contest by sharing on your blog, twitter, or other social media and provide a link in addition to suggesting a title for this segment
This will earn you some free cards

3)The name I find to be most clever will earn the Andrew McCutchen Triple Threads card you see below.

This contest will end on Opening Day 2017. If I find the suggested name to be offensive, you will not be qualified to receive cards.


  1. Cool concept!

    I'll go with "Stat Flips" a stat about another player, then flip to his cards and/or baseball reference page.

    1. Also shared on Twitter:

  2. Great idea! What about "Comparing Cardboard" or "The Flip Side"?

  3. I pimped the contest on my blog today. Hopefully this will get you a few more entries.

  4. I'm an alliteration guy and I was going to say "Cardboard Comps" before I found Daniel beat me to the punch. Instead, I'll go with "Statistical Similarities" or "Stat Sims" for short.

  5. i'll suggest "cutch & company" or "cutch & co" for short.

  6. Cardboard Camaraderie. Or, kind of reminiscent of previous suggestions, but maybe like The Flipside Files. Behind The Cardboard. Cardboard Insider.

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