Saturday, May 2, 2020

The Betts Is Yet To Come...

I have been collecting Andrew McCutchen cards for well over a decade now and have been super collecting him very aggressively for probably about 7 years strong now.  I am getting very close to 3,000 unique cards of Cutch and have been trying to enjoy the hobby with other players I enjoy watching play.

While I will continue to enjoy the hobby and have a lifetime goal of getting 3,000 unique items featuring Roberto Clemente there is a lot of new sets and inserts coming out that don't feature a member of the Pirates or Andrew McCutchen.  With Cutch appearing in fewer sets as he becomes more of a veteran, I am still picking up examples of sets if they have Charlie Morton in it.  However, there are is a lot of overlap in sets that feature both Morton and McCutchen so I am not chasing EVERY parallel of Morton like I do for Cutch.  I showed off a few of the big hits I picked up for the Ground Chuck PC not long ago here.

A player that I have absolutely loved the style, enthusiasm, and class of which he plays is Mookie Betts.  I have ZERO plans to get to 3K Mookie Betts cards, but will be looking at adding inserts and new release base cards of Betts as they become available.

I recently picked up a large lot of Andrew McCutchen cards on Twitter for $20.

The lot has over 100 cards and includes a few SP, minis, and parallels I didn't have.  I'm really looking forward to going through all these cards over the weekend.

If I were to buy only the cards I needed it would have cost me around $12-$15 not counting the shipping costs of each card individually.  Getting them all in one place without dealing with extra charges that COMC would be charging is worth the price I paid alone.  Then add to the fact that I got almost 100 dupes of my favorite player for less than a quarter a card AND offering me an opportunity to get in on some other great deals he may post in the future seems like a smart move to expand my portfolio of what and who I collect.

Because of the McCutchen lot, I was able to grab a lot of 153 Mookie Betts (about 95 unique cards) for $45 delivered.  I'm ok grabbing cards of the 2nd best player in the game for the price of 50cents a card.  Instant start to a collection....

the Betts is yet to come though.


  1. Can't wait to see what Mookie cards you picked up.

  2. Looking forward to seeing what you got!

  3. I enjoy collecting Betts too when I find his cards on the cheap. There was a time when I actively pursued his stuff, but he's a little too expensive for my budget these days.

  4. It'll be interesting to hear how many there were that you actually needed.

    1. There was a few minis and inserts I knew of immediately along with the 2020 Heritage Short Print. My guess is probably 10 new cards.

  5. More Mookie cards is always a welcomed sight!