Saturday, April 3, 2021

From One Supercollector to Another

The baseball season is officially underway.  The best image from Opening Day was Miguel Cabrera after his sliding into second base then slow trot around the bases for a homerun in the middle of a snowstorm.  What a fun moment for baseball.  A complete breakdown of that at bat can be found on the always entertaining Jomboy's YouTube page.

Topps did make a Topps Now card and it is amazing!!!
I bring up Miguel Cabrera because my friend and fellow supercollector JT is a Miguel Cabrera supercollector.  He has various social media that you can follow him regarding triplecrown24, but he also has an online eBay store that sells sports cards and will even do consignment for collections.  

I recently made a purchase of over 20 cards from him and among them was this Andrew McCutchen 2017 Optic Prizm.
The Optic Prizms are Panini's answer to Topps Chrome Refractors.  Topps being the flagship and Topps Chrome being the chrome version are exactly like Donruss being flagship and Optic being the chrome versions.  Much like Topps Chrome refractors, Panini puts out a "silver" prizm technology that really makes the cards pop especially with Panini's use of etching in their products.  I got this delivered by JT for just about $2 and am stoked that I can cross another card off the want list.  Plus it helps get me closer to my 2021 goal of adding 50 new Pirates playing year cards to the collection.
Notice the Prizm marking in the bottom right corner, similar to Topps putting refractor on the back of their cards.

You can purchase cards from his eBay page itstriplecrown. Let him know CollectingCutch sent you to his page.

I have shown off some of my other Miggy cards and cards that JT has sent me here and here.

Have you been watching any baseball games yet this year?


  1. I’ve watched both Yanks games so far. I’m not someone who can watch the National game of the night or anything. I have no interest in watching other teams or random games.

  2. I checked in a bit on the Yankees/Jays and Dodgers/Yankees games on Opening Day, but mostly this weekend is shot for me for baseball with the Mets series cancelled.

  3. Haven't watched any games (don't have access to them unless I use a pirated site), but I've been following the A's and Padres on my ESPN app and the MLB website (when I'm in front of the computer). I've also watched their recaps as well as highlights in general.

  4. I've watched what the Red Sox have been doing, not sure that qualifies as Major League Baseball at this point...

  5. On Opening Day I saw a little of the Yankees and Blue Jays (loving those powder blue Toronto uniforms) before the Cubs game started. I watched the Cubs game Saturday, and the end of the ESPN Sunday night game (White Sox / Angels). I work at night so day and evening baseball is out for me, and I don't have MLB Network anymore so I can't see their highlights (I can't do ESPN's coverage anymore since I got spoiled on MLB Network).