Wednesday, March 31, 2021

These are not the racks you are looking for

I missed an opportunity to highlight women this month so with only a day left in Women's History Month I present to you the history of the celebs I have had a crush on since my childhood. 

A top 10 if you will... (Listed in alphabetical order by first name)
Alexandra Daddario
Alison Brie
Evangeline Lilly
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Jessica Alba
Jessica Biel
Kat Dennings
Kate Upton
Milana Vayntrub
Olivia Taylor Dudley

Now with all those great images of those beautiful women with the assets only slightly showing, but mostly sealed I thought I could show a recent sealed pack of cards with Andrew McCutchen on the cover.

Since rack packs don't exist in the traditional sense anymore, this is the closest I can come up with.
Above is the 2006 sealed set of Altoona Curve featuring Andrew McCutchen on the front and
Neil Walker on the back.

Do you miss rack packs?  Would the current hobby craze make rack packs impossible to keep sealed if Tatis, Acuna, or Trout were on the cover?


  1. Nice collection of crushes! It's a shame the AT&T lady has been victimized by the social media lowlifes.

    You gotta get lucky with the rack packs. I stopped into Target on the way to work last week and they loaded up on Series 1 rack packs that day (and had plenty left since they only allow 1 pack per guest).

  2. I miss rack packs. It was the highlight of every summer running to the candy aisle and, shockingly, ignoring the candy altogether in favor of, yes, spreading all the packs on the floor and searching fronts and backs for desired/needed cards. When you're a kid you can do that.

  3. Them thar ladies work for me. As for rack packs, eh never really been my thang. But ifn I sawd one with an acunie on the front, I'd get it.

  4. I think in the current hobby people would probably keep a rack pack with a big rookie showing sealed, because that's probably the big value in the pack anyway, and there would be a premium for it sealed. (I think the grading services to actually grade packs.) Of course, that might depend on whether there was a possibility of an auto or something inside.

  5. Alba and Brie would make my list. And I totally miss rack packs. When I was a kid... and the stars were aligned, my mom would let me grab a rack pack instead of a wax pack.

  6. I enjoyed rack packs as a kid. Not sure if anyone but Topps made them (I never saw Fleer rack packs) but the internet/flippers would absolutely ruin the concept today.

  7. Rack packs were my favorite type of packs back in the day. I still have a 1989 Topps with Randy Johnson's rookie card showing on the front.