Thursday, April 1, 2021

It's Opening Day!

Happy Opening Day!!!
Above is the Opening Day Stars insert from 2018 Topps.
They were released in Series 1 packs and came in 4 additional color parallels (blue, black, gold, and red)
I am still on the hunt for the red /10 and gold /50.
What are you most excited about seeing from your favorite players and teams this season?

For me, I'm excited to see a full season of of Ke'bryan Hayes and some of the Pirates prospects make their debuts for a glimpse of the team's next core of promising players.

For Cutch, I am excited to see him return to being a great leadoff hitter in a stacked Phillies offense.


  1. Well, Matt Boyd pitched well today, and Miguel Cabrera took another step towards 500 HRs/3000 hits w/ a HR today.

    Love Opening Day!

  2. I'm excited, of course, to see how Francisco Lindor boosts our lineup. Hopefully the rotation is a lot better, too.

    And, you know, maybe we'll get to play, eventually. B^)

  3. Excited to see if Tatis can live up to the hype... and whether or not the Padres will actually be able to compete with the Dodgers.