Friday, July 15, 2022

Am I the Dr Evil of CollectingCutch?

Have you ever had a Dr. Evil moment when dealing with card sellers?  

I'm all for people trying to make money in this hobby, but when you open a box that costs $2,500 and your best hit is a card that is AT BEST $300 card you aren't automatically going to recoup your money by convincing the internet's #1 Andrew McCutchen collector that it is a $4,500 card because it has a Nike swoosh on it.  
And if you're going to charge that much, you better offer free shipping.

As someone who has been collecting Cutch extensively since his MLB debut I do consider myself an expert when it comes to his pricing.  

Not to brag, but my Triple Threads Nike booklet and Nike Swoosh autograph from Five Star are better looking than a plain road grey jersey with an ugly red swoosh. 
Hell, the image used for the swoosh this guy is trying to sell is the same as the one on my booklet which features two unique patch like swatches along with a Laundry Tag that includes the Nike Logo, the MLB Logoman, and a QR code so you can determine what game the uniform was worn. 
My other Nike Logo features a bold on card autograph and a blue Nike Swoosh on a home uniform. 

I've shown them off in the past, but here they are again along with the prices I paid for them. 
So an autographed version and a booklet version went for $305ea.  Why would someone pay almost 15 times that? 

What followed after seeing the item was a comical interaction I had with the seller where I had to convince the eBay user with only 15 feedback that his card was only worth $300 at best. I even asked him if he put the decimal in the wrong spot, thinking he tried listing it as a $450 buy it now or best offer instead of $4,500.  I won't put the entire conversation on here, but let's just say it gave me some very serious "I'm new to the hobby vibes" especially when using terms like it's a 1/1 so there's no comps and it's first off the line.

Panini uses First off Line terminology, not Topps.
Even if it is a 1/1 there are always "comps" you can use even if you don't want to believe them. 

Take these Javier Baez and Cody Bellinger Nike Swoosh cards from the same set.  They don't include autographs like the Devers and Buxington also pictured on this screenshot.  Both the Cody and Javy finished under $250. 

After some back and forth he told me he couldn't accept less than 800 for it.  I told him I'm not going anywhere near that price as I had two better examples of Nike Swoosh logos in my collection that I only paid $305 for. At best I would be around $225-$250.

He lowered his price today to $1,250 and sent me an offer for $325.

I didn't even respond back to him when he sent that offer.  I just hit decline offer.

I don't have time to repeat myself or for silly games.  

Now that I have such a massive collection of Cutch I am really cutting back on trying to acquire every 1/1 that shows up.  It's just that simple. 

What funny eBay experiences have you had?


  1. Oh man, that's great. And I'm happy you stood your ground. When you're basically the market for someone's cards, it's sucks when a seller tries to take advantage. Hopefully he puts it to auction and you get it for even less.

  2. You're way more patient than me. Even if it was a card I really wanted, when cards are ridiculously priced... I just close the window and move along.