Friday, December 14, 2018

1st Day of Christmas: 2011 Tier 1 Auto

2 posts, 1 day?
Why not?

My family always managed to screw up what I thought was reality.  ALWAYS!

It wasn't until this year that I discovered the 12 days of Christmas began on Christmas day.

My family managed to convince me it started 12 days before Christmas.

History proves it's not.

So in the tradition of my family's backwards ways of doing things I will be showing off an Andrew McCutchen card numbered 12/25 beginning today through Christmas.

Here we have a 2011 Topps Tier 1 On The Rise on card autograph gold parallel.

The On The Rise autographs featured many of the young players in 2011 that were on the verge of breakout seasons and careers.  Of course there were a few duds in there too.  The checklist has names ranging from Madison Bumgarner, Brandon Crawford, Mike Giancarlo Stanton, Zach Britton, Max Scherzer, Freddie Freeman, Chris Sale, Craig Kimbrel, and Anthony Rizzo.  It also has names like Alexi Ogando, David Cooper, and Tyler Colvin.
They were right in that Cutch holds the Pirates record for most consecutive 20-20 seasons.  He also has hit 20 or more Homeruns since 2010.  No other active player can claim that same mark.  It mentions his back to back seasons of .286 and Cutch's current blcareer batting average after 10 years in the bigs is .287.

Cutch has displayed a model level of consistency since breaking into the big leagues and I think he may return to an All-Star level this year.

Are you down with SCC?

Ever since I made that post about DMX and the limited number of rap songs I like, I have found myself listening to more of the popular rap songs from my youth.

Sport Card Collector aka SCC got me thinking of the OPP.

My brain works in the most bizarre ways.

Matt sent me an unexpected PWE featuring 2 Ke'Bryan Hayes 2018 Heritage Minors cards along with a 2018 Topps Update base and 2018 Topps Archives base of my main PC, Andrew McCutchen.
I am hoping to see Ke'Bryan get a call up in the 2019 season.  He's our top position prospect heading into the season.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Card Of The Year: A Grail Worthy Card

You may remember that just over a week ago I made a post about wanting to get an autographed superfractor of Cutch.

I knew that this card was just a few days away from being in my possession when I made that post and damn was I super pumped to get this in hand.

eBay offered a tremendous coupon just before Black Friday.

P-town Tom is having his 3rd annual Favorite Card of 2018 contest.

In addition to being an autographed Superfractor of my favorite player, this card features an image of Cutch from a game that I attended.  You can revisit my adventure here.

The fact that the card is done on the beautiful 1983 design makes it even sweeter.

I have lots of cards I could nominate for card of the year, but getting something like this to be added into my collection is just amazing.  Thanks for the coupon eBay.  I couldn't pass this card up.

Thanks for the contest Tom.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Phucking Unbelievable

Cutch signed a 3 year contract for $50 million yesterday with the Philadelphia Phillies.

I don't have any cards featuring Cutch with current members of the Phillies, but I do have a card of Cutch wearing a white jersey with red and blue to give a helpful hint what he will look like as a Phuture Phillie.

Here is what the uniform looks like that was worn for the patch of the card.  It is the Pirates home jersey worn for Independance Day 2017.
As you can see the uniform is in fact a white jersey with red lettering and stars.

The front of the card features an image of Cutch tipping his hat at none other than Citizens Bank Park (Phillies home stadium) during a July 4th victory in 2016.

In recent years (2013 to 2018) Cutch has batted .362 at Citizens Bank Park.

I can't believe that Cutch signed a mere few hours after posting yesterday's contest.  It's as if he is reading this.

Anyway, two people correctly guessed Cutch would sign with the Phillies.

It was a 3 year deal.

And Gavin wins.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Contest: Where Will Cutch Go?

Want an autograph of someone in the Hall of Fame?

Well, here's an easy contest.

Leave a comment below what team you think Cutch will sign with for his new contract.

If you guess correctly PRIOR to the day of announcement of his new contract, you will receive the Harold Baines card I showed yesterday.  This dual patch on card autograph is numbered 14/15 from 2017 Flawless.

If multiple people respond with same team I will randomize an equal number of times to the guaranteed number of years on his new contract.  (Example: 3 people guess Phillies and he is given a 4 year contract.  Those 3 people will be entered into the randomizer and the name on top after 4 random will be our winner).

So...lets get to the speculation.  What city will Cutch be playing for in 2019?

Monday, December 10, 2018

The Baines of Hall of Fame voting

There is A LOT of angry fans because Harold Baines got elected to the Hall of Fame yesterday. To a lesser degree the same can be said of Lee Smith, but as many people have already pointed out at least he was the All-Time Saves Leader for over a decade.

Personally I like Harold Baines and at one point considered to make him a player I could power collect from the 80s. I wouldn't feel the need to collect every parallel of his from modern sets and definitely had no desire to add 100s of his signature to my collection.  The reason is purely aesthetic.  His signature is not the greatest looking.

My frustration doesn't end there though. 

Despite being a six time All-Star, Baines played the majority of his career as a designated hitter.  If you are only going to play one side of the game you have to be elite, which Baines wasn't.

In 22 years, Baines posted a career WAR of 38.7.  Compare that to other guys from the 80s who are not in the Hall of Fame.
Dale Murphy 46.5 WAR (with 5 Gold Gloves)

Don Mattingly 42.4 WAR (with 8 Gold Gloves)

Lou Whitaker 72.5 WAR (with 3 Gold Gloves)

Will Clark 56.5 WAR (with 1 Gold Glove)

In a career that has lasted only half the compiled career of Harold Baines, Andrew McCutchen has already surpassed the recently anointed Hall of Famer in career WAR by 5.

If Cutch retired today, would he be considered one of the All-Time greats?


Fortunately Cutch isn't going to retire and this will lead to my contest announcement tomorrow.

Sunday, December 9, 2018