Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Don't Tell about Dotel

Yesterday news broke about two former MLB players being part of one of the largest drug raid in the history of the Dominican Republic.

Octavio Dotel and Luis Castillo were both connected to a large drug trafficking raid per the ABC news story.

Octavio Dotel began the 2010 season as the Pirates closer.

He was unbelievable in his brief time with the Bucs.  In 40 innings with the Pirates he converted 21 saves and struck out 48 batters.  Keep in mind the Pirates only won 53 games for the year and only had 36 wins at the time of the trade.

He would be traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers for Andrew Lambo and James McDonald, both players who I was a fan of personally.

This is my only card that features Dotel on the Pirates with Cutch. It is from the 2011 Heritage team card.
Dotel is seen wearing number 29 on the far right of the second row up.

The image itself is from the 2010 Team Picture Day

I will finish with this video of Dotel's entrance for when he closed games for the Bucs.  It features lots of police sirens.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

They Call Me MelloYellow

Being a supercollector can be exhausting and frustrating.  It is almost like an addiction.  On one hand you have the mentality of "I need every card possible", the reality is you can't have them all.  This is especially true if you collect a player that is one of the top 100 players in the game and has played for teams with loyal fan bases like the Yankees, Giants, and Phillies. Did I mention that he was the face of the Pirates franchise for nearly a decade?

Andrew McCutchen may not have all the hype of guys like Acuna, Alonso, Tatis Jr, Guerrero Jr, or Trout but trust me when I say that he is collected and has a VERY LOYAL following of collectors.

I have made some trades with other Cutch collectors and have bought large collections from guys that sold their Cutch cards after the Pirates traded him to San Francisco last year.

That being said there are at least two other collectors of Cutch that have been buying up his stuff lately.  One I was told has unlimited funds and has purchased a card for $100 more than a copy of it that sold the day before.
Now the pictures used by the seller may have influenced one being sold too much and one being sold too little, but that is a huge discrepancy for a 24 hour difference of basically the same card.
I am not going to buy new releases of Cutch in a team's uniform I'm not even a fan of for double or triple prices just to cross something off a list.  The Red Tribute /10 auto is probably a $40-$50 card.  Definitely not $133. If these other collectors want to battle?

Have fun!

I am sitting on several hundred cards that I have never shown off here ranging from high end autographs and 1/1s to base cards.

With getting 3 of my top 5 cards on my want list in the past few months, I am going to decide to lay low for a bit to not get into bidding wars with other collectors while they are being in my eyes too aggressive buying recent cards of the former MVP.

I'm sure some of you may remember the chaos that occurred a few years ago when a pair of collectors were battling each other for Omar Vizquel and Andres Gallaraga cards.  Some 1/1s were going for thousands of dollars.  I am not prepared for that $#*+.

Call me chicken.
Call me yellow.

Call me what you will, but I'm out of this madness for awhile until it settles down.

Today's post features just 5 of the 1/1s I have never shown off before.  They are all yellow printing plates, a fitting color for my recent admission to get out of buying new cards.  Of the five shown off today, the only one that has been bought recently was the Tristar Elegance pictured above.  I won it in June for only $9.99, before one of the other Cutch collectors resurfaced.

Monday, August 19, 2019

A Cardboard (1/1) Cameo I didn't know I had

As I was putting together a nice package for Nate as part of my Eleanor trade, I came across this 2010 Topps Black Printing Plate I completely forgot I owned.  I scanned the card to my gallery 8 years ago and paid probably about $10 for it at the time.
Considering that the card is from 2010 Series 2 I knew the image had to have been from early in the 2010 season or something from the 2009 season.  Both seasons featured very few walk off victories to warrant such a celebration.

With some help thanks to Getty Images I was able to pinpoint the game to Brandon Moss' walkoff homer in 2009.
 If you look just to the left of Zach Duke you can see a certain Rookie Cup Winner enjoying his team's victory.
I am pretty excited about realizing I had a Cutch cameo card I didn't even know about.

Now I have to track down the other parallels of 2010 Topps Series 2 card number 608.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

I Got My Eleanor

Holy $#*+!

After 5 years of coming close to landing this SP photo variant of Andrew McCutchen's 2014 Topps Opening Day release I have finally gotten it in hand.

Nate from the blog Bucs Stops Here hooked me up with this unicorn like card.

I told Nate this card was akin to Eleanor from Gone in 60 Seconds to me.  I had come close on two occasions to acquiring it, but could never actually get it in my hands.

A day went by while he searched to verify he did in fact have the card.  I sat patiently waiting, not knowing what it would be like to actually get possession of this card I have coveted for 5 years.

Then I got this...
Nate being a class act didn't even hold me hostage for the outlandish price that I was offering to get this card.
I sent Nate a package in return for the card and also sent $50 PayPal for the finder's fee.  He claimed it The Most Epic Trade
The link will show sime of the highlights. Below is what I sent him to open. 

Here are the variant, base, and blue parallel

The photo variant has a code of 8969
The base is  8491

Thank you for the card Nate.  I am so glad I can finally cross this card off the needs list. I'm glad you enjoyed the package I sent you.
Man I am pumped about having this in hand finally after all these years.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Cutch is the last Giant to wear #22

It was announced Sunday that the San Francisco Giants are retiring #22 for Will Clark.

Will Clark played 8 seasons and was a 5 time All-Star with the club.  During that time he won a Gold Glove and Silver Slugger and was a top 5 MVP vote getter four times.

He finished his 15 year career with a triple slash line of  .303/.384/.497.  He collected 2,176 hits and 284 homers among the four teams he played with (San Francisco, Texas, Baltimore, St. Louis). Clark is definitely a member of the Hall of Very Good, but could he one day be elected to the Hall of Fame?

With it likely that the Giants won't issue #22 to any Giants player over the next six weeks it appears that Andrew McCutchen will be the last San Francisco Giants player to wear #22 before it is retired.

Next year when #22 is officially retired by the Giants I will highlight my 22 favorite Giants cards of Cutch.

In the meantime though here are a few cards that show the full 22 on Cutch's Giants cards.
Cutch has two different photo variations to,chase in 2019 Topps Museum Meaningful Materials.  Each of those photo variants are believed to have 5 different color parallels to chase.

This is my only Triple Threads Wood 1/1 of Cutch I own.  I always wanted a Pirates one, but they were going for $200+ and only featured relics when Cutch was in his prime.  I am pleased that I was able to get an autographed one (albeit a sticker) for under that mark.

 Cutch became an instant fan favorite in SF when he got 2 walk off hits in his first 10 games.
This walk off was one of the most memorable moments of the 2018 season. Cutch collected 6 hits in the game then launched a 3 run walk off homer in extra innings to seal the victory against long time rivals, Dodgers.
Here is a cameo card of Cutch running towards Nick Huntley after another walk off victory.
No airbrushing on this triple relic with two other San Francisco ball players. 
 Bad airbrushing on Panini's end for this San Francisco card of Cutch.  The yellow gloves and jersey number indicate that minimum effort was put into making this a card that resembles what Cutch wore in his brief time at the bay.
 Here are six different parallels from 2018 Stadium Club
 Here are four chrome versions
 Including the 1/1 Superfractor
Here is just a boring relic from Tier 1.
It's tough to see with the nice on card signature, but this Dynasty card features a great swatch of patch.
Two former MVPs congratulating each other...or practicing how to line dance.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

You want the Proof, you can't handle the proof....

I have been on an autograph quest lately.  I am still seeking out any parallels of Cutch autographs I don't have. 

For over half a decade this card had been on my radar, but I was never able to secure a copy.  That all changed a few months ago.

I was pretty happy I got this card as it brings me very close to 200 unique autographs of Cutch.

Another Day, Another Auto
 This is the Panini Gold Proof from 2012 Signature Series.
It is numbered to only 10 copies.

Monday, August 12, 2019

Just Win Baby

I can not believe the kind of baseball the Pirates have been playing since the All-Star break.  The team looked to be a serious contender for the division during the first few weeks of the year when the starting rotation was throwing up a bunch of zeroes through the first three weeks of the year.

Then injuries started to happen and they slid back to reality and in a very clustered and talented NL Central standings.

At the All-Star Break they were just a few games back from a Wild Card berth and looked to potentially be a buyer at the trade deadline.

Then the All-Star Break happened and it has been nothing but losing since.

That is the Pirates record since the All-Star break.

4 WINS!!!

Their winning percentage is .142 since the break.

I legit haven't seen baseball this bad in a very long time and that's with a team that had 2 DECADES OF SUB .500 BASEBALL!

When the Pirates win a game, announcer Greg Brown says "Raise The Jolly Roger".  This is a reference to Pirate ships hoisting their colors after approaching a ship requesting their surrender or risk the fate of death.

It has been over a week since the Pirates have raised the Jolly Roger so I am posting all my Andrew McCutchen relic cards featuring the Jolly Roger Pirates logo sleeve patch.

Here's hoping they do better than continue at a .142 pace the rest of the year.