Monday, January 22, 2018

Just Cutch It

Back in December I won a bunch of Probstein auctions for a very reasonable price.  This followed one Probstein auction that I absolutely got shilled on.  I will be showing them all off this week.

Up first is this 2017 Triple Threads that spells out Cutch.

The back makes mention of Cutch's role on the Pittsburgh history.
His tenure with the Pirates may be over, but only 3 people are above Cutch on the All-Time HR charts and they are all Hall of Famers: Willie Stargell, Ralph Kiner, Roberto Clemente.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Meet Your New Teammate

I have come to grips with the fact that my favorite player has been traded to the Giants.  I already have plans to purchase tickets for Andrew's homecoming in Pittsburgh May 11-13th.  It should be a fun weekend.

So who will Andrew's teammates in San Francisco be?

Well the most obvious is his Team USA teammate and franchise face Buster Posey.

Cutch has appeared on a numerous amount of cards with Buster before as Buster edged him in the 2012 batting title run.

Pictured above is the 2013 Heritage League Leaders celebrating the top hitters in the NL in 2012.

Now for the Topps Flagship release League Leaders card and six of the parallels I have.

Now for the minis, of which I have 3 (base, Gold, and pink)

In addition to a bunch of League Leaders cards, I do have a really nice Panini 9 prime patch card featuring Buster Posey on the front and Andrew McCutchen on the back.

Another of Andrew's new teammates is none other than the always goofy Hunter Pence.

I wouldn't be surprised if 2018 Triple Threads features Cutch and Longo in Giants uniforms as part of a new triple combo with Posey.  Topps never seems to have a shortage of McCutchen jersey swatches to chop up.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

I Got Friends When I'm In Lowly Places

Last weekend absolutely sucked.
I got news that my car was totaled and won't be repaired.
The Steelers defense gave up 45 points to Blake Fricking Bottles and the Jacksonville Jaguars.
The Pirates traded away their ace, Gerrit Cole, and face of the franchise, Andrew McCutchen.

I have been keeping a positive attitude though.
I can get a new car.
The Steelers are one of thirty one teams that won't be winning the Superbowl and got further than 75% of the rest of league.
Gerrit Cole was going to leave in two years regardless.
Andrew McCutchen is still my favorite player regardless of the uniform he wears.
I have great blogging friends that send card care packages just because.

Sports Card Collector sent me a six card package in a PWE that really helped brighten my day, not because it included some SICK DOPE NASTY NAILS patch or autograph, but because it simply was a package to say just thinking of you here's some cards you might enjoy.

4 cards were of Cutch.

2 were of AJ Burnett.

Thank you Matt!
This helped keep things in perspective and make me smile.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Another Giant Addition, Ho Hum Another 1/1

Continuing the theme of Giant related cards this week I am switching gears a little bit and returning to Oversized Cardboard. I thought now would be a good time to show off this 2017 Gallery Original Artwork by Dan Bergren.

I have purchased several original 1/1 artworks before between Topps Museum, Leaf Best of Baseball, and random Topps Series cards.

This artwork was used to produce the 1951 Heritage parallel of Cutch number 3 of the Wal-Mart exclusive Topps Gallery.

1951 Bowman is best remembered for the Willie Mays rookie card.  Willie Mays of course is the greatest 5 tool player of All-Time and a Giant legend.

The oversized card is my first oversized artwork of Cutch.

Here is another of the 1951 Heritage Gallery cards used in production from this card.

I showed other Topps Gallery cards here.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Meet Your New Manager

It's been a few days since news broke that Cutch is heading West.  I've been going through my cards remembering all the moments the former MVP gave us Pirates fans.

One card I found was this 2015 All-star game card of Cutch in the batting cage talking to Bruce Bochy.

Initial projections has Cutch batting in the leadoff spot for the Giants.  He hasn't batted there since 2009 in an official game.  He did however bat leadoff for the 2015 All-Star game which included Cutch's 1st All-star game homerun.

Cutch will once again return to right field and the team is still searching for a defensive minded centerfielder.  Hunter Pence will move to left field.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Series 1 Checklist

Andrew will be appearing in a Pirates uniform for a number of cards in 2018 Series 1.
The Base and Clear Base will both feature Cutch.
He will appear as an 83 insert (Card number 3)
He will appear as an insert called Superstar Sensations (number SSS-46)
He will have a retail exclusive insert called Legend in The Making (number LTM-AM)
Also a retail exclusive insert is Opening Day Images (numbered OD-15)
Spring Training Patches return (STP-AM)
A retail manurelic called Players Weekend Patches will feature Cutch (PWP-AM)
Relic cards called Major League Materials will feature Cutch (MLM-AM)

I won't be buying any blasters as I am on a tight budget for a few months.  If anyone pulls Cutch cards,  keep me in mind.

I'm still here

I want to thank everyone who messaged me over the past few days regarding both my car accident and the trading of Cutch.

I am working on finding a new car at the moment, but have a rental lined up until I find something definitive.

As for Cutch, I will still be Collecting Cutch.  Looking back at the recent Hall of Famers dating back to 2010 only 3 played their entire careers with one team (Larkin, Bagwell, Biggio).  We know that Alan Trammell, Chipper Jones, Derek Jeter, and Mariano Rivera will all make the Hall of Fame too.

The days of great players staying with one team their entire careers are few and far between.  Even a 10 year No Trade Clause doesn't mean you get to stay with one team.  Just ask Stanton and Verlander.

So what will my focus be now that Cutch is no longer with the Pirates?

I'm still going to seek out any Pirates cards I don't own
Any certified autographs will always be high priority
I will be looking to get some game used items (bats, jerseys, etc)

Stay here as I provide daily updates to the collection and continue to show off my over 2,000 unique cards of Cutch.

And don't forget to checkout Chasing3000cards, my latest blog where I am making a decade long commitment to acquire 3,000 unique Roberto Clemente cards.

I purchased this Topps Now off eBay yesterday.  It is my first Cutch card with a Giants logo.

It breaks my heart.
When the card arrives, I will be sure to post it.

Who knows, maybe Topps will make some Cutch/Bonds dual cards now because of the Pittsburgh/San Francisco connection.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

I Have No Words

I have been trying to think of the words to write to sum up the emotions felt about two of my favorite players being traded over the weekend.  This follows up a shitty week in general as my car was totaled the day of the ice storm.

Andrew McCutchen made me love baseball again.
He signed baseball cards, balls, hats, and even a Pirates Country sign for me in person.
He was always humble and a true talent to watch play.

I have so many fun memories of Cutch from his Altoona Curve days to that magical 2013 season when the Bucs returned to the postseason and beyond.

My brother's favorite player, Evan Longoria, was traded to the Giants this year too so the good news is that him and I may take a bro trip out west to visit AT&T Park.

What can I possibly say about Cutch being traded?
The face of the franchise was traded for a middle reliever and outfield prospect.

There's no words.

There. Are. No. Words.

Thank you for always being classy.
Thank you for bringing the franchise back hope.

Thank You Cutch!
The card pictured is a "Giant" sized 5x7 Rookie Reprint Blue Parallel /2.

It summarizes my feelings perfectly.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Cardboard Cameos #6: No Relation!

Daniel McCutchen may be best remembered in his Pirates career as being the losing pitcher of the 19 inning Jerry Meals game from July 26th 2011.  In the game, McCutchen threw 92 pitches in 5.1 innings of relief.

What a train wreck the Pirates season became after that game.

Way before No Relation pitched this game he was in the 2009 TriStar Projections set.

Well sort of.

The card actually features Andrew McCutchen on the front, not Daniel.  This marks another Cutch Cardboard Cameo.

Fun Trivia Fact
Doc McJames who played from 1895-1901 was born James Mc Cutchen James.  He was the only other player in MLB history to play with a born name McCutchen.

Daniel and Andrew were teammates beginning in 2009 through 2012.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Thanks For The Memories

With Fall Out Boy playing in the background it is with deep regret that I must pass on the news that Gerrit Cole has been traded to the defending World Series Champions, Houston Astros.

Gerrit signified an important time for Pirates fans.  They weren't going to shy away from taking the best talent available in the amateur draft.  They were going to be committed to their plan and building around a young core to bring the Pirates back to the post season.  They were going to finally get an ace level pitcher.

Cole debuted in 2013 after two years in the minors.  He was part of the team that broke the 20 year losing streak.  He was handed the ball in Game 5 of the ALDS that same year and the 2015 Wild Card Game.  He was meant to be the pitcher we could rely on when it mattered most.

Ultimately the Pirates were unable to advance far into the post season in 2013, 2014, and 2015 despite having the league's 2nd best record during those 3 years. (CURSE YOU CARDINALS!!!!)

I've shown off a bunch of Cutch and Cole cards before.
Now I'm going to rank them.

This was a no brainer as it ranks as one of my favorite cards I own.  A dual patch, dual auto numbered to only 5?  Yeah, not much can top that.

Ok, there are two things wrong with this card.
Cutch should have had the logo patch and I wish we had gotten Pedro Alvarez, Josh Harrison, or Starling Marte instead of Jung Ho Kang.
It is a 1/1 though

The reason for liking this card is simple.  It's one of only two dual autographs produced with Cutch and Cole.  I had won a redemption for this card and when it was time to redeem it, Topps said that the card was no longer available.  Instead they sent me a dual David Ortiz/Alex Rodriguez as compensation.  I eventually found one on eBay and bought it.  Only 25 of these were produced.

There's no patches on this card, but AJ Burnett was one of my favorites.  A lot of fans disliked him because of his attitude, but that rockstar carefree IDGAF STFD attitude is why I liked him so much.  It was AJ's first and only All-star game.  Only 25 copies exist.

Similar to the card above, I really like the design of the 2015 All-Star stitches relic cards from Update.  Another card with only 25 copies.

Here is another 1/1 from Triple Threads.   This one features a 2014 Post Season patch on the JHay swatch and a Jolly Roger sleeve patch for Cole.

The first unlicensed card appears and it is for no other reason than Panini makes some classy looking cards for their National Treasures release.  Like many others on this list it's numbered to only 25 copies.  Unlike many others it is jersey numbered for Cutch.

I got a bunch of various patch cards to choose from but this one with the Ralph Kiner (4) tribute patch from the 2014 season for Cole is one of the better patches I have of Cole.

Gotta Steel this one and post it for the 3rd time on the blog. The placement of the Alvarez patch looks awesome.

It's another booklet. YAY!
it's boring swatches BOO!
It's numbered to 5 YAY!
Cole isn't pictured in a black jersey BOO!

Polanco Jolly Roger swatch gets this card to fall in the Honorable Mention column.

I wish Gerrit the best of luck in Houston and I hope for a team that once called themselves the Colt .45s that they come up with some great marketing for Cole 45.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

A lot of T!!!!

Who doesn't like the T in T&A?

Well...I know I love the T

Welcome back again Katy Perry.

Your role on this blog is to bring attention to the letters just like Sesame Street.

Today's letter is T.

Are there any Ts?

Well, yes there is.

My latest Cutch letter comes courtesy of Hits Memorabilia Royalty.

A few weeks after winning this auction, I won another letter.  Expect more Katy when it arrives.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Unity In Gold

Back when Triple Threads came out I feverishly sought out all the parallels of the Unity relics I could.  I've been hurt in the past by certain designs not reappearing on the secondary market.

It cost a good bit of money but I was able to snag all 3 versions of the Golds /9.  In addition to having the 3 Unity designs it also has some awesome looking patches.

Check them out.

The backs have different card "numbers"
I wish Topps would do something unique for each of the backs similar to those old All-star cards produced back in the 60s.  Have the backs form an image of the player.  Who knows, maybe the cost is too high to create something original for a high end set like Triple Threads.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Snowday from Once A Cub

The weather is finally getting warmer in NJ.  No snow in the forecast today...

Or is there?

Matt from Once A Cub hooked me up with two cards I needed.

In addition to the Clemente/Aaron Throwback Thursday card, Matt sent me this Wal-Mart Holiday card of Cutch.

Thanks so much Matt!!!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Another Jersey Number

I mentioned that I was going to start a mini collection of Cutch cards that are numbered 22/xx.

My latest addition to the collection is a quad relic from Topps Museum that I didn't have yet.

It cost me less than the price of a discounted blaster.

The back highlights some of Cutch's resume through 2012.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Allen & Ginter 1929 throwback

If you love baseball like I do, the hobby of baseball cards and blogging help you research the game and it's rich history.

We already know that Allen & Ginter is a throwback set (and a damn fun one too).  They have a variety of parallels to chase in addition to a set that offers a wide variety of culture references.

One of the parallels that is always tough to chase is the no numbers on back mini parallels.

I recently added the 2017 Mini No Number to my collection.

It joins the 2013 (red no number /25), 2014, and 2016 versions as being the only years I have of Cutch with no number.

Baseball players are identified with fans for the numbers worn on their jersey.  Jersey numbers have become so identified with certain players that Hollywood even made a movie called simply "42".

Did you know that the Cleveland Indians were the first to wear numbers on the back of their jersey in 1929?

I didn't until I decided to write this post.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Snow Way!!!! Not Happening!

In case you didn't hear, New Jersey got pummeled with snow last Thursday.  In Monmouth County we got over 13 inches.  Fortunately we didn't have any down power lines or anything too major happen.  I was able to stay indoors and took a personal day at work to avoid the hour commute.

I walked one block to Wawa to grab some groceries and a hot panini, but other than that during my down time I watched a lot of Netflix.

Meanwhile my favorite athlete ever was outside taking swings.
He also decided it was necessary to go running.

I wish I had that kind of ambition.
To remember the snow and my lack of ambition to do anything in a foot of that cold powdery nonsense, here's a 2016 Wal-Mart Holiday card.

Matt from Once A Cub is kind enough to be sending me the 2017.
Our community is the best!!!

Today we are supposed to get a nasty ice storm in the afternoon.  I hate the ice more than snow.