Needs & Wants

Any 1/1 Andrew McCutchen

Any Andrew McCutchen serial numbered 22/xxxx (It's his jersey number and I am starting a mini collection of serial number cards to his jersey #)

Any Andrew McCutchen Topps CHIPZ (all years welcomed)

Bleacher Creature 10in plush doll

Andrew McCutchen McFarlane figure (need one to open and display)

2015 MojoBandz (I included a screenshot of what one looks like below)

Any Andrew McCutchen restamped card (Rediscover Topps, A&G 10th Anniversary, 65th Anniversary on non 2016 cards)

Any of these Vintage cards

2017 Immaculate #78

2017 Topps Tribute #78 Green xx/99
2017 Topps Tribute (any relics)

2017 Triple Threads#37 Amber xx/150

2016 Gypsy Queen MINI Andrew McCutchen #88 (need the base, have all other parallels)

2016 Stadium Club #113 BLACK FOIL

2014 Panini Classics Timeless Tributes #8 GOLD xx/25

2014 Heritage Clubhouse Collection Relic #CCR-AM
2014 Heritage Clubhouse Collection Relic #CCR-AM (GOLD/99)
2014 Mini Topps #452 (pink/25)
2014 Topps Series 1 #150 (pink/50)

2013 Topps Chrome #49 ( pink/5)
2013 Topps #122 (pink/35)
2013 Topps #189 (pink/35)

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