Wednesday, January 25, 2017

A New 1/1 For the PC

In the past month, I have added close to a dozen new 1/1s of Cutch to the PC. Some are high end patch cards.  Others, like this one, are parallels of unlicensed products that can be had for under $40.
 The black Artist Proof might not be one of the most exciting 1/1s but it does bring my 1/1 total of Cutch to 118 cards.

2016 Diamond Kings was a beautiful designed set (minus the logos) with lots of parallels to chase and some really nice hits.  Having Clemente as the cover athlete might make me a bit more biased.

I am still in search of some other parallels, but here are all the regular sized editions I have now.

The frame parallels are just awesome looking.  The base (obviously) and copper frame versions are not numbered. All others are.

I didn't set any goals for 2017, but I think increasing my 1/1 collection would be a good goal. What should I set it for?


  1. The framed are nice! Remind me a little of Gypsy Queen, which usually end up looking better framed than the base cards.

  2. 118 1/1s is amazing and especially when it is of a superstar like McCuthchen! Amazing...simply amazing!

  3. AJ: Frames are always better

    Dan: I was pretty shocked when I counted them at how many I had. I got 2 more plates on the way too.