Sunday, January 28, 2018

My girl hooked me up!!!

I have a very understanding woman.  She puts up with my cardboard habit and deals with my crazy goofy daily functions.

Sometimes she even goes above and beyond for me and will win a card on eBay that I need.


Yup, she's amazing!

This is my latest addition to the Cutch PC and I can solely thank my beautiful misses I live with.

It's a 2014 Stadium Club Beam Team Gold

They aren't numbered, but do fall 1:36 mini boxes.


  1. Beam teams are awesome! So nice of her.

  2. Glorious. She, and the card, are keepers!

  3. Women who buy cards for their men are cool... but women who buy cards for themselves are cooler ;)

  4. You have a keeper just like I do!