Monday, April 16, 2018

That's a fine looking rack (pack)

Many of us grew up in a time when the term rack pack was used to describe a cellophane package, often three of them connected, containing baseball cards.  The top and bottom of the packages were clear so you could have a small glimpse into what the contents inside were.  While I was at the CSA show in Virginia a few weeks back I saw a guy selling packs of these and it got me to thinking when they went away and went to the blaster box packaging.

For old school player collectors these rack packs are sought after and they have a bunch of them in their collection despite already having the card inside.

For myself, I had a 1987 rack pack with the Barry Bonds card on top, but traded it away to BobWalkThePlank last year as part of our blockbuster trade.

Since Cutch is a player who didn't make his debut until 2009 it's hard to collect rack packs containing him.  However, I found a little niche that the market has left.

Retail exclusive packs inside blasters!

It's not a very pronounced rack pack (only a few cards) and has a stupid security tag on back so I have no idea who else is in the pack, but for now this sealed pack temporarily solves my problem of seeking Cutch cardboard still sealed.

Do any of you still have sealed rack packs?  Who can be seen in the package and why have you kept it sealed?


  1. I have a 1989 Topps rack pack showing a Randy Johnson rookie card on one of the front packs. I held onto it with the intent of putting it on Ebay when he got elected to the Hall of Fame, but never did.

    1. I've seen a few Big Unit sealed packs over the years. His 89 rookie is under appreciated.

  2. I've picked up a few over the years. I have a 1983 Topps rack pack with my boy Gwynn on top... a 1983 Fleer cello pack with Gwynn on top... a 1987 Donruss rack with Maddux on top... a 1985 Topps cello with Puckett on top... a 1985 Fleer cello with Puckett on top... a 1988 Donruss cello with Alomar on top... a 1987 Donruss grocery rack with a Maddux... a 1987 Donruss grocery rack with a Jackson... and a 1987 Donruss grocery rack with a Bonds. I might have more... but can't find scans of them on my computer.

    1. That's a lot of racks. Very impressive. You should show them off sometime.