Monday, December 30, 2019

The New Want List

As the year comes close to an end I am grateful that in 2019 I was able to have crossed off 3 of my top 5 cards thanks to a pair of early Heritage Black Chrome Refractors becoming available (2009 and 2010) along with the 2014 Topps Opening Day SSP that Nate sent me.  In addition I picked up a pink card I put as a featured want during my 2018 SaveTheBoibies event.  I spotlighted that card this year as part of my SaveSecondBaseEvent here.

While I do plan to not be as aggressive in the coming year with adding Cutch cards in Yankees, Phillies, or Giants uniforms I will be looking for some of the older Pirates uniformed cards.  It is now time to update my Needs list for the Cutch PC.

Most of these images were taken from COMC by reviewing the sold out category or old eBay auctions.

Any 2009 1/1 will always be a top priority

I am always looking to add multiple copies of 2005 Topps Update or 2009 Topps Update cards.

2010 Pepsi Refresh Project Photocard 4x6
This has leaped into the #1 card I am seeking

2011 Gypsy Queen #79 Mini Photo Variant

2016 Topps Update #US30 Pink/50
2013 Bowman Chrome Fit The Bill Xfractor/25

Any card with a significant game used patch (Postseason, Jackie Robinson Day, Negro League Uniform, WBC Classic, Chuck Tanner Memorial, Ralph Kiner Memorial, etc)
 An example of a Ralph Kiner Memorial patch card I own is above.

2015 Topps #400 Pink/50
2013 Pinnacle Clear Vision Home Run (1 per case) or Cycle (1/1)

2017 Topps #636 Black/66
Allegheny Armada with John Jaso

2010 Topps Triple Threads #115 Sapphire/25
2010 Topps Chrome #35 Gold/50

2013 Topps Chrome #49 Pink/5
(Can't find any record of these actually existing besides this worthpoint capture from 2013)

Any 2015 Allen & Ginter Buybacks
(Below are ones I own)

Any oversized box toppers featuring McCutchen with other players

2010 National Chicle Umbrella Back /25

2012 Panini Prizm Team MVP Green Parallel

2013 Topps Cut to Chase Die Cut Relic /25

2018 Bowman Holiday Snow /50

Any autograph card from any year that I don't have, no matter how ridiculous or expensive they may be

Any additional pink cards I need (even if it is just a cameo card)

In addition to those cards I am always looking to add cards to my unimpressive basketball player collections of Paul George and Reggie Miller.


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    1. Thanks for updating this so we know what Cutch cards you're looking for (not that I'll ever find any)

      I also collect Reggie Miller, but I might be able to help you out with a Paul George or two.

  2. You collect Reggie Miller? I know I don't have any Cutch cards you need... but I might have some 90's inserts of Reggie laying around.

  3. Happy New Year and best wishes on your collecting goals. I bet by the end of 2020 that list'll be smaller.