Sunday, May 28, 2017

Flava Flav!!!! Cross off these 2 rookies!

I have been adding some of the harder to find early Cutch cards to my collection recently.

To make a pun of the collection this year, it's been a bit of a Cutch22 (catch 22) adding the cards.  Because of Cutch's near Mendoza level batting average (.213 entering today) his card prices have dropped substantially over the past year.  This is good for adding cardboard of my favorite athlete of the past decade.  It's bad because well....he's my favorite athlete of the past decade.

Recently two of his more expensive rookie cards 2009 Bowman Sterling were ending around the same time.  The price on the refractor has typically been in the $25-$35 range since 2012.  The gold refractor (/50) has been in the $50+ range since that time.

I managed to grab both the refractor and gold for $25.
Reading the back of this card made me laugh.

Thanks for everyone who entered my Top 10 contest.  There is still some time to enter!
Remember the top prize is a Craig Biggio Topps Dynasty autograph patch card.