Friday, December 29, 2017

Brad's Blog Bombing

Brad is a Philadelphia fan and for that I feel bad for him.  Him and I have sent each other just because packages over the past several years without expecting anything in return.

What Brad sent me a few days before Christmas absolutely blew me away.

Let's cut to the chase.

This 1/1 Andrew McCutchen 2015 Magenta Mini SSP printing plate was wedged between a stack of 14 Buccos and 13 Buccos.

This framed mini is absolutely fantastic!!!!  It also brings my total to 179 one of ones!!!!

Let's look at what else this fine gent sent my way.

A trio of minis including a purple Josh Harrison /250 from 2016 Gypsy Queen.  The always respected Roberto Clemente is next to the exiled Jung Ho Kang.

Rotation Ace Gerrit Cole is joined by veteran Ivan Nova and the fresh faces Jameson Taillon and Tyler Glasnow who both debuted in 2016.  Last year the Pirates staff for the most part (excluding Jameson's cancer battle) stayed healthy as they only used 7 different pitchers to start games.  I liked what Trevor Williams showed down the stretch.  If the Pirates are to improve their record this year they will need Cole Taillon and Nova to return to their highest potential and the development of Glasnow, Kuhl, and Williams will have to improve.

Who called for a Marte Partay?  These cards scanned crooked.  Hmmmm....crooked? Marte?  Probably just a coincidence...moving on....

JHay looks like he wants to party

Here's a few guys no longer invited to party in Pittsburgh.

Confined to wear a mask because of his majestic look is Ryan Doumit!!!!!!  I wish I had PCed him more.

Jung Ho, get your $#@& together!

Kevin Newman is an interesting prospect.  When he was drafted Keith Law exclaimed the Pirates got the best player in the draft and ranked him very highly.  After a few seasons in the minors he has shown very little offensively besides being a slap hitter.  He gets on base at a decent clip but has very little power at this point his career.  He may become a super utility infielder like Josh Harrison depending on how the development of Adam Frazier, Cole Tucker, and Kevin Kramer go.

Speaking of JHay, there he is again looking fresh on a 1983 inspired Archives card.

I'm looking at these two cards of Gregory Polanco and wow, he changed a lot in a year...oh wait Topps screwed up.  That's not Polanco on the Gypsy Queen....that's Aramis Ramirez.  Shame on you Topps!

Let's finish with some Hall of Famer.

Nothing is better than that.

Oh and this is Andrew McCutchen, I'm sure you've seen me talk about him on this blog before.

Thank you so much Brad!!!
I am going to work on getting something to you in return.


  1. I really hope I stumble upon a 1/1 Cutch for you one day.

  2. Wowza. You've officially been "cutched".

  3. Thanks for the kind words, I pulled the printing plate in a box myself so glad it could land in the right collection