Monday, June 4, 2018

Remembering The 2005 Draft

With the MLB Draft happening today I thought I would look back at the year my favorite player, Andrew McCutchen, was drafted by the Bucs.  The 2005 MLB draft is considered by many to be one of the greatest drafts in recent memory.  Of the first 50 overall picks, 10 of them went on to become an All-Star.  Only two of those ten were selected to only one All-Star Game (Ricky Romero and Jacoby Ellsbury).  Ryan Braun leads the class with 6 All-Star appearances while Andrew McCutchen and Troy Tulowitzki have 5 Midsummer Classic appearances.  Justin Upton has four and Jay Bruce and Alex Gordon have three selections.  The Nationals first ever draft selection, Ryan Zimmerman, has made two All-Star selections.

The First Round Selections have two MVP winners (Ryan Braun 2011 and Andrew McCutchen 2013), an ALCS MVP winner (Matt Garza 2008), and a handful of World Series Champions.

Matt Garza is the only player from this class to throw a No Hitter, having thrown the Tampa Bay Rays first ever NoNo.

The 2005 Class Was Stacked!!!!
I have been wanting to get as many 2005 draftee cards with Cutch as possible.

I have been eyeing up this card for a long time.  This particular card has three of the most notable draftees.  Andrew McCutchen and Jay Bruce had a dual signed Topps card, but this is my first auto with Troy Tulowitzki.

Tulo is a 5 time All-Star, 2 time Gold Glover (turned an unassisted triple play), 2 time Silver Slugger, and currently holds the MLB record for a career .985 fielding percentage at Shortstop.  Had it not been for injuries, Tulo was on a clear path to the Hall of Fame.  He finished in the top 10 MVP voting 3 times in his career and has the second most WAR of the draft class just a tick behind Ryan Braun and just a tick ahead of Cutch.

Jay Bruce was selected with the pick right after Cutch and has appeared in 3 All-Star Games and won 2 Silver Slugger awards.  He finished in the top 10 MVP voting twice.


  1. The mid-late 2000's drafts were nuts. So many good players left and right.

  2. 2005 was a great draft for the Yankees...but only because they drafted Brett Gardner in the 3rd round and he's become a 37 WAR player.

  3. Tulo was sooooooooo good. Sad that his body just broke down. I remember reading a funny article where Jason Giambi said he couldn't stand living with Tulo during Spring Training. All he would do is talk baseball.

    1. Tulo was an absolute beast on both sides of the ball. Had injuries not happened we could have been talking about one of the greatest shortstops of all time.