Thursday, September 20, 2018

Save The Boobies Contest 2.0

It's almost my favorite month of the year.

The leaves will be changing.
Postseason baseball will be in full effect.
The NFL is a month into their season.
The NHL season has started.
And my blog will be covered in nothing but pink cards and beautiful women.

Last year I ran a fun contest for my month long pink baseball cards Save The Boobies contest.  This year it will be very similar.

The rules are simple.
It's 2 rules as we are trying to bring awareness to 2nd Base.

1)Must Be A Follower (or regular commenter) of the Blog

2)Must Leave a Comment On This Post Who Will Hit the FIRST Double in the 2018 World Series (entry must be made prior to October 5th)
2a (Only the first person to guess correctly gets the featured prize)
2b (Only 1 entry per blogger)
2c (Any edits to comments are immediately disqualified)

Simple, right?
Yeah I thought so too.

So in order to save Second Base let's offer up a card commemorating a card featuring a great pair (and it's pink!!!).

Now if you feel that you want to take a chance and win a different prize, I am offering up this Carl Yastrzemski Heritage Clubhouse Collection card.  The card references second base so it continues the theme.

Again Two Simple Rules For This Entry Too....cause you know we are trying to save 2nd Base

1)Enter in the Main Contest using rules above

2)Leave a comment here showing a link that you pimped this Contest On Your Blog Prior to October 5th and show off some of your favorite ladies

Now for the not so fine print
If the first double in the 2018 World Series is hit by a player not commented on, I will keep the Judge/Stanton card.

If no one shares this contest on their blog or doesn't leave a comment here that they pimped it, I will keep the Yaz card.

I realize we won't know who is going to be in the World Series by October 5th, but that is where the fun comes from in hearing people's predictions.


  1. I'm going to pick Mookie Betts - Go Red Sox!

    1. Your contest has been plugged! -

  2. J.D. Martinez. Thanks for the contests!

  3. Awesome contests. I'll pick a dark horse and go with Khris Davis.

    1. Well, I lost out on the main one, but here's my plug:

  4. Thanks for the contest! I will predict Justin Turner of the hated Dodgers.

  5. Alex Bregman. In a WS replay with the Dodgers.

    You know I'll certainly post on my blog, and look forward to a great month saving second base.

  6. Here's the first blog post...

  7. I don't know enough about baseball to make a guess, but based on your posts from last year, we're all going to be winners anyway! 😎

  8. Hmmmm. Let’s go Andrew benetendi

  9. Rizzo ... if the Cubs are in the WS I'll be miserable so might as well find something enjoyable in it.

  10. Gonna go with Javier Baez...looking forward to the posts!

  11. Replies
    1. Also I still have a pair of McCutchen cards from 2018 Donruss for you - I may no longer have your correct email since I never heard back when I wrote over the summer.

  12. Let's just pick a name and hope for the blessing of the boobies: Rafael Devers

  13. It's going to be Manny Machado. Book it. Want my mailing address? ;-)

  14. I’ll go with Miguel Andujar! Thanks!