Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Smooooooooth Breakdowns

Cutch used to be so smooth and have so much swagger when he had his dreads.  He's still got a lot of swag, but he's not quite as smooth as he used to be.

Someone who is super smooth and hooks readers up with unexpected swag is Gavin of Baseball Card Breakdown.

He didn't send an email or hint about this package I was about to receive.

I was floored though.

Inside were 2 customs he made of my main PC, Andrew McCutchen.  Smooooooth!

But that wasn't good enough to surprise me with.

He dropped a 1/1 Topps Mini Blank Back of eventual World Series Champion Charlie Morton on me.  Morton is getting very little cardboard love in Houston, but when he holds up the trophy for pitching all them scoreless innings, it won't matter.  He will be a Champion!!!

Gavin, thanks so much for hooking me up with these customs and the 1/1 Morton.  I only need 2 non 1/1 cards and you saved me the trouble of tracking down a 1/1 I needed.

You're the man!!!

Side note: I am predicting that Sports Illustrated predicted correctly and the Houston Astros will win the 2017 World Series.

On another note, Cutch hit a 2 run homer yesterday bringing his total to 199 career Home Runs.  Don't forget to join my contest for a chance to win a Bob Gibson autograph.  And don't forget that if you are a swag pimp you can win a Tim Raines autograph just by sharing the contest on your page.


  1. Glad I could pleasantly surprise you!

  2. Wow, Brian, you really nailed it with the Morton prediction!