Sunday, March 28, 2021

70 Year Fatigue

As many know, Topps is celebrating their 70th anniversary this year and as such there are many insert sets and parallels in their various releases thus far commemorating the anniversary.

One such parallel is the appropriately named 70th foil parallel.  They use a similar technology to what we saw last year with the Bowman releases.  

I have gotten a few of the Andrew McCutchen 70th Foil parallels released thus far including the 1986 insert set seen below.
Each of these unique parallels are numbered to 70 copies this year and for the 1986 inserts, they are numbered on the back.
I also have gotten the Stars in Service 70th Anniversary parallel.
The serial number for this is on the front.

As Topps continues to celebrate their 70th anniversary I have a few questions that hopefully we can go into discussing around the blogs.

What are your 5 favorite designs in Topps Flagship releases over the past 70 years?

What designs would you like to see used more frequently for throwback inspired sets like Topps Archives or used as an insert set? 


  1. #1 1956
    #2 1983
    #3 1965
    #4 1972
    #5 1975

    As for throwback inspired sets... as much as I enjoy Archives (mainly their Fan Favorites autographs), I'm a little burnt out on Topps releasing new cards using old designs for so many different sets.

  2. I don't really have a go-to list of favorites. It's not iconic by any means, but I feel like 1995 is never included in Archives or other reprint sets. I could be missing some, I suppose.

  3. #1 1972
    #2 1959
    #3 1975
    #4 1965
    #5 2008

  4. Good questions. I'm such a creature of my childhood my favorite designs are probably 1987, 1986, 1983, 1974, and I'll go modern with 2011. Not really into the archives or inserts though I do try to get Kruk & Strawberry if they are included.

  5. #1 1967 #2 1972 #3 1974 #4 1976 #5 2018