Sunday, March 21, 2021

Top Prospects

The Pittsburgh Pirates had a top 5 farm system in 2015 to couple with an MLB team with the 2nd best record in baseball.  Things have changed a lot since then as the MLB team and farm system has been gutted in just over 5 years.  

While things look bleak in current days, they looked even worse in 2006 when the team had a bottom 10 farm system and bottom 10 active MLB roster.  

If you follow me on Twitter you have already seen my unique item I am going to show off today. 

Above is a page from Baseball America that is signed by 9 of the 10 top prospects for the Pirates in 2006.  Andrew McCutchen and Jose Bautista are the two biggest names as they have 11 All Star game appearances between the two of them, but Nate McLouth and Matt Capps also had made an all star game appearance. 

Do you have any multiplayer signed photos, images, equipment in your collection? 


  1. That's a really neat item! I don't have any multi-player autos like this.

  2. Have a baseball signed by the 1972 Tigers.

  3. I believe the Pirates (Bonds and Bautista) and A's (Mcgwire and Maris) are the only 2 teams to have players hit 50 HR after they left the team.

  4. I have a few multi-player signed SJ Sharks items... and a Steel Curtain signed 11x14 photo.

  5. I have a few baseballs from my Spring Training adventures that have multiple signatures on them.