Saturday, March 27, 2021

Topps Series 2 Preview

Topps has already been active in providing me with new McCutchen cards released in 2021.  I've already got a few inserts released from 2021 Series One and have picked up a refractor from 2021 Topps Heritage and a green parallel from 2021 Topps Inception.  There's dozens of cards to chase already and Cutch hasn't even appeared in Flagship yet.

Topps did release the image that will be used for Cutch's 2021 Series Two card and it's a nice action fielding photo. 

Series Two will also feature Ke'Bryan Hayes official rookie card too.
The set releases June 2nd so I have some time to save up for the nearly 20 parallels to chase. 


  1. Cropped a little close, but not too bad.

  2. Can't wait to see Hayes become MLB's next big superstar.