Sunday, May 21, 2017

Bazooka Joe makes me want to....

I recently grabbed this 2010 National Chicle variant (Bazooka Joe back).  It got me thinking, how many more variants do I need?

With over 1,700 unique Cutch cards in my collection I am still at less than 50% of cards produced.  Ever since Topps started producing 2+ additional copies of every card exclusive to their store (5x7s and Gold 5x7s and 16x20s) my goal of getting a complete collection of every non 1/1 Cutch card has become almost impossible.

I don't mind chasing different backs like the one seen above.
I don't mind chasing different borders and color parallels.

But Beckett is now saying if you want to Supercollect a player you have to have these 200+ 5x7 cards in your collection.

Fuuuuuuuuuugettabout it!
Me and Bazooka Joe say no no no!
I want simpler times.


  1. Guess my Griffey is far from super haha

  2. I decided long ago that I'll continue to collect Tony Gwynn (and several other guys), but I refuse to overpay (unless it's a card that I really, really, really want). Every collector needs to set their own rules or goals and do their thing. I don't blame you for being frustrated. After seeing your Cutch collection... I'm shocked that you're at less than 50%. Then again... seeing the amount of parallels and special 5x7 sets that Topps releases... I'm not.

  3. Really the only way to supercollect is by choosing a player that quit playing in the mid 90's. That is really the only feasible way to get every card.