Tuesday, May 2, 2017

I'm clean!

Matt from Bob Walk the Plank showed off a WBC base relic featuring Cutch a few days ago.  I had purchased a similar item, but mine took a few extra days to arrive.

Normally I can count on Topps Now arriving 2-3 days after Topps confirms it's on the road.

I was starting to worry, but when I got home today I noticed that I had received the long awaited relic.

Lifted out of the dirty ground of Dodgers Stadium on 3/21/17 hails this base relic (my very first one) of Team USA advancing to the WBC finals.

The front of the card features a super pumped up Cutch getting ready to do a secret handshake with Christian Yelich.

The back of the card discusses Cutch's clutch RBI to advance the team past Team Japan in a 2-1 victory.

Unlike BWTP's base relic, my relic looks surprisingly clean for being a base on a rainy day.

A simple entry into the MLB Authenticator reveals this base was in fact used for Team USA's victory.

Further research shows that this was 2nd Base for innings 1-4.

Yelich scored the game's first run from 2nd base when Cutch hit a clutch RBI single in the 4th inning.

This base was a part of history!


  1. Very cool. All relics should have this info.

  2. Love the extra background detail this card has. Totally agree with TLC... this should be required of all game used memorabilia cards.