Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Finding Value in Lil Lots

My girlfriend and I sometimes go to Big Lots to get value for our dollar, but I have been getting pretty good value on purchasing little lots of Cutch cards on eBay recently because of Cutch's continued struggles at the plate.

Often times lots of Cutch cards don't do me much good as I normally have 75% or more of the cards listed in the lot.  This lot was for 3 cards all of which I needed.

You can see the 3 new additions to the Collection below.

2017 Bowman Green /99
2016 Optic /199
2016 Optic Diamond Kings /25 (Christmas edition)

I won the lot with a winning bid of $5.  The Black Optic Diamond Kings is a card I have seen go north of $15.

The announcement of the winner of my contest will be held tomorrow.


  1. I used to do that with Tino but just can't anymore. Everything ends up being dupes.

  2. I used to buy lots for my hampton collection, then it was all doubles. I think we all hut that point where it's only the tough cards left to find.

    Nice pick ups above

  3. Lots still work for my WVU collection, but no go on the Pirates anymore.

  4. Thanks everyone. This was the rare occurrence where I actually needed all 3 of the cards. It was a no brainer for me.