Saturday, May 6, 2017

Contest Reminder: My Top 10 Inserts Edition

A few days ago I showed off my top 10 Cutch cards. Each week I plan on doing more top 10 subclasses to remind all readers to enter my contest.

Today I am going to show off my 10 favorite Cutch inserts
#10 2012 Bowman Cutting Edge Stars
The only die cut to make the list, this card features a Spring Training Photo and discusses Cutch's admiration of Ken Griffey Jr. on the back.

#9 2014 Allen & Ginter Pastime's Pastimes
This is likely the only card published in 2014 that discusses both Manny Ramirez and Eddie Murphy in the same sentence.  That causes this card to rank in the top 10.  The chalkboard effect adds a nice background.

#8 2014 Topps High Tek Tektonics
This ultra hip semiacetate 90s throwback is what great inserts are supposed to look like.

#7 Select Thunder Alley
What do I miss about cards these days compared to the 90s? The over the top flashy inserts.  In it's only recent year 2013 Select gave us a bunch of great inserts.  It was a toss up between Thunder Alley and En Fuego, shown yesterday.  Ultimately I chose ThunderAlley because of the back.  Pictured below are the Prizm (refractor) and base.

#6 Opening Day Stadium Scenes
This card is technically not an Andrew McCutchen card, but since he is featured and I was at this game it counts.  The shot from Citizen's Bank Park in Philadelphia was from the On Deck Series.  I recognize the helmet that Cutch is signing as I was able to get him to sign a ball for me that same day.  I must have been just to the right of the person taking the photo and not even realized one day it would be on a baseball card.

#5 2017 Topps 5 Tools
When these were previewed the general consensus on the 2017 release was "meh".  One thing that seemed consistent was that the 5 Tool inserts look great.  I have to agree, this card really packs a punch.

#4 2010 Upper Deck Supreme
This retail exclusive insert set was available in 2 different colors (blue and green).  The blue was slightly harder to find.  I am including both because quite frankly I just miss Upper Deck so much.  The scans don't do them justice.

#3 2014 Elite Face 2 Face vs Clayton Kershaw
What a great concept for an insert set.  Pick 2 of the best stars in the game and show how they have faced off against each other.  I would love to see this get done with Topps so we have logos.  How well has Kris Bryant done against Carlos Martinez? Chris Sale vs Francisco Lindor? MadBum vs Corey Seager? Thor vs Harper?  This insert set needs to be brought back.

#2 2014 Prizm Fearless
I miss Cutch and his dreads
 During 2013-early 2015 releases, Cutch had some awesome looking cardboard because of his long dreadlocks.  It gave him an image that was easily recognizable.  This insert set (and all its glorious looking color parallels) shows a perfect image of Cutch crushing a ball.

Finally is a mini that is my absolute favorite image of Cutch on cardboard.

#1 2012 Topps Mini 1987
I started collecting baseball cards in 1987.  Anytime you get Wrigley Ivy in the background with a leaping Cutch, just makes for some special cardboard.

Some honorable mentions
2013 Select En Fuego

2016 Topps Perspectives

2013 Opening Play Hard

2009 Topps Propaganda Victory

As a sure to enter my contest and show off your top 10 favorite cards of your favorite player.


  1. Great cards! Contest is still on my mind. Hope to pull and scan cards tomorrow.

  2. The 2012 Topps Mini is such a great insert set.