Thursday, June 1, 2017

The contest winner is...

Back at the end of last month I ran a month long contest asking for people to show off their Top 10 favorite cards of a player they collect.

The main prize of the contest was this 2016 Topps Dynasty (on card) Autograph Patch of Hall of Famer Craig Biggio

Thank you sooooooo much to all those who participated.  We had 26 participants and some amazing cards and amazing stories about cards.

I was overwhelmed by how many people participated and will over the course of the next week be mailing out the prizes.

To recap here's the blog of who participated along with the PC player they chose.

There were 3 Hockey Top 10s and 1 Football.

This was definitely a lot of fun to review everyone's lists.

BobWalkThePlank - Jason Bay
The Lost Collector - Pacific Tino Martinez
Chronicles of Fuji - Tony Gwynn
Nachos Grande - Barry Larkin
Brad's Blog - Ryan Howard
Baseball Cards Come to Life - Mike Pagliarulo
All Cardinals All the Time - Ray Lankford
John's Big League Blog - Bill Freehan
Wrigley Roster Jenga - Mark Grace
Diamond Jesters - Ellis Burks
I Feel Like Collector Again - Andrew Shaw
Not Another Baseball Card Blog - Justin Morneau
5 Tool Collector - Brooks Robinson
Baseball Every Night - Darryl Strawberry
Sports Card Collectors - Ken Griffey Jr
Night Owl - Ron Cey
Raz Card Blog - RA Dickey
Its Like Having My - Paul Goldschmidt
Yadier Molina Cards - Yadier Molina
Infield Fly Rules - Todd Helton
Baseball Card Breakdown - Tony Gwynn Autos
Cardboard Catastrophies - Paul Blair
$30 Week Habit - Joe Sakic
Bump and Run - Barry Sanders
GCRL - Steve Garvey
PlaschkeThySweater - Ryan Getzalf

Without Further ado...I entered every person's name who entered into the contest based on their original comments.
Here are the results as entered by

Congrats to Raz for his R.A. Dickey entry.  It provided the win.

For everyone else who participated, if I haven't sent you a package in the past 3 months please email me your address so I can get some free cards sent out to everyone who joined this fun contest.

Send email with address and favorite teams to bstryker81 (at) gmail (dot) com


  1. Congrats, Raz! And he's an Astros fan, so it's fitting he won the Biggio.

  2. Congrats Raz!! Thanks for the contest Cutch! I emailed you this morning. Thanks

  3. Congratulations RAZ! Well done!

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to share my love of my baseball hero and his cards.

    John Sharp

  4. OMG!

    *does happy dance*

    Thanks for running the contest! I was hoping to win, but I also really enjoyed being prompted to look back through my player collection. There were some gems in there that I'd forgotten I had.

  5. Congrats to Raz! Thanks for the contest. There's no need sending me anything, despite the offer. It was a very fun blog post to write, and to read so many others'!

  6. Great contest! Fun to see everyone's player collections! Congrats to Raz!

  7. Congrats all, I loved this contest. I'm only just now seeing the results (whoops!).

    1. PS: I think the "l" on html is needed on the link to my entry. It won't open for me without it.