Sunday, June 11, 2017

A 1/1 and 2/3 of a print run

Sometimes I feel like I belong locked up in Arkham Asylum.  I am borderline crazy when it comes to adding new Cutch cards to the collection.  Speaking of Arkham, I have been binge watching the heck out of Gotham.  I am on Season 2 episode 20 so no spoilers please.  Anyone else watch that show?

These are my latest additions.

A pair of Allen & Ginter High Number Mini Metal cards /3 and the 1/1 Wood Mini.

Should I be locked away?
I'll say hi to Ed Nygma for you.


  1. That wood mini is cool!

    I wonder who hand numbers these cards?

  2. I've thought about watching Gotham. If it's binge worth, I might need to start. Great cards. Love that wood!

    1. Gotham was slow for me to get into, but by the 5th episode I was absolutely hooked! I watched the first two seasons in a lil over a week.

  3. Thanks everyone for commenting on my wood