Monday, June 5, 2017

The Original Digital Cards

Before the Topps Bunt app, there was eTopps.  Topps made online portfolios available to show off fans' collections.  Fans could then have the cards shipped directly to them for a fee.

One of Cutch's rarest on card autographs, this eTopps rookie was limited to only 50 copies

I am not sure what determined which serial numbers would be hard signed, but the original eTopps card is numbered 853/999.


  1. We both posted an eTopps card today. What are the odds lol.
    Mine is the only one I own.

  2. I used to love winning eTopps eBay auctions for less than a buck.

  3. That Cutch auto is one of my favorite in my collection. You rarely see the auto versions.

    1. It's very hard to find these days. I think it's the only on card auto with a RC logo.