Wednesday, June 28, 2017

This Day In Cutchstory: June 28th

Elvis came to the building and then he left quickly.

If you read the back of this card, you will come to one of the following conclusions.
1)The Pirates didn't play many interleague games on the road between 2009 to June 2011
2)The Pirates were a bad baseball team during that span.

If you chose number 1, I encourage you to look at the Pirates 2010 season.  Wow!!!! That seems so far in the distant past that they were relying on Ryan Church, Bobby Crosby, Andy Laroche, Paul Maholm, and Sean Gallagher.

When this card first became available it was Alex Presley's only certified autograph.  He was a rookie still in 2011, making his debut at the age of 24 the season prior as a September callup.

It was very fun watching him play his first few months in the league though because quite frankly the team wasn't very good.

To my knowledge this is the only pairing of Cutch and Presley on cardboard in autograph form.

Presley was a key piece of the trade that landed the Pirates Justin Morneau from the Twins in their magical 2013 post season.  Since being traded to the Twins he has also played for the Astros, Brewers, and Tigers.


  1. Remember to trade your prospects! Good reminder of how highly touted guys don't always end up as the real deal.

    1. I loved the leadership that Morneau and Byrd brought to the team as waiver wire August trade pickups in 2013. Looking back, the guys we gave up still haven't put together very good careers and many have bounced around a few times as trade pieces. It's why I would rather have traded for Chris Sale or David Price in 2015 then hold onto guys like Bell and Glasnow. Flags hang forever.

  2. I am not a prospector at all if anything I arrive to late. Like with Judge lol. Now I am trying to chase down his cards and its impossible

  3. Presley made some nice plays in OF and had a few big at bats with my Tigers this year.