Friday, June 30, 2017

Heritage Comparisons: Clemente v Cutch pt2

Over the years, Topps has used Heritage to bring the current stars of the game on designs from the past.

Cutch has appeared using the same numbering as Roberto Clemente a handful of times.

You can view the first Heritage Comparison of Cutch and Clemente here.

I want to preface these segments and state that I do not believe that a single season of Cutch can take away from the greatness of Roberto Clemente's life or his baseball career.

Each of these Heritage comparisons will take a look at a card of Cutch and compare it to the design's original numbered card.

The 2011 Heritage card release is based on the 1962 design.

Cutch's 2011 Heritage card is numbered 10 the same as Pirates Legend and Hall of Famer, Roberto Clemente.

Oddly enough, the card backs were printed flipped differently than the original 1962 backs.

As will be customary for these Heritage Comparisons I will take a look at the standard counting stats typically found on the back of a baseball card.

Slash Lines
Clemente in 1961 went .351/.390/.539 for a .949 OPS
Cutch in 2010 went .286/.365/.449 for an .814 OPS
Advantage Clemente

Plate Discipline
Clemente had a 1.68 K:BB rate (59:35) during his 1st batting title run in 1961
Cutch's 2010 season showed a 1.27K:BB (89:70)
Advantage Cutch

Extra Base Hits (XBH)
Clemente had 30 doubles, 10 triples, and 23 HR in 1961
Cutch had 35 doubles, 5 triples, and 16 round trippers
63 v 56
advantage Clemente

Runs Scored and Runs Batted In
Runs scored and RBI are based on who hits in front of you and who hits behind you.
Clemente scored 100 runs and drove in 89 in 1961
Cutch scored 94 runs and knocked in 56
Advantage Clemente

Stolen Bases
Cutch's main advantage over Clemente was in Stolen Bases 33 to 4
Advantage Cutch

Hardware and awards
Clemente won his 1st Batting Title, 1st Gold Glove, and was elected an All-Star
Cutch had no hardware victories in 2010
Advantage Clemente 

4 to 2

I hope you enjoyed the comparisons made based on the Heritage and original design numbering.  I will continue to do these segments if there is enough interest in them.

To close out here are my 4 parallels of the 2011 Heritage card I own.

Chrome Refractor, Chrome
Retail Black border, Green border chrome


  1. Really wish I got to see more of Clemente than I did. All-Star Games, the 1971 World Series, and a Cubs game from Wrigley Field is what I remember... Still remember December 31, 1972 like it was yesterday. Love it when I get a Clemente card in a pack, like I did in 2017 Archives.