Monday, February 11, 2019

Majestic Museum Addition

A few weeks ago Nike and MLB agreed to an exclusive license agreement that would have all players wear Nike footwear and uniforms beginning in 2020.  Details can be found here.

At one point it was discussed that Under Armour would take over the rights in 2020, but last year the agreement was broken leaving the opportunity for Nike to take over and claim three quarters of the North American sports enterprises.

This means that all relic cards will no longer have a chance at featuring a Majestic logo.  Majestic had been the sole producer of on field jerseys for MLB since 2004.

I have a lot of Majestic patches and may one day show them all off.

Here is one of my most recent pickups.

It's from 2016 Topps Museum and is numbered to only 10 copies.


  1. Looking forward to Nike patches in a few years!

  2. Fuck Nike. The logos are going to be WAY too big on the jerseys. They already have that stupid undershirt.

  3. Wow. All MLB players will have to wear Nike starting in 2020? That's quite the deal for them.