Friday, December 1, 2017

COMC Purchase adds over 50 new Cutch cards

Back at the end of September I made a COMC purchase and added nearly 40 new Clemente cards to the PC (more details on that soon) in addition to over 50 new Cutch cards I needed.  It was a lot of base cards and parallels that I previously didn't have.

Here they are in all their glory.
 Silver and purple Bowman parallels, a red Inception, and hot box purple Heritage chrome stand out among this group
 Lots of base and easy to find parallels of Chrome

The pink Optic I showed off back in October when I mentioned I made a big COMC purchase.  The ginter mini is standard back.  Aqueos Test Donruss /49.
 3 cards stand out among this bunch.  The Green Tristar Crawdads is /50, the blue Ticket to Stardom is /99, and the Bowman Chrome Blue was a steal for $2.
 Retail exclusive Target Red and 3 WalMart Blue Prizms are the highlights of the non numbered group.
Statfoil Donruss, A&G mini back, some Chrome parallels, and a Gold Fire.

These were the highlights of the package though.  The Black Friday Progression Foil test, Inception Purple, Hot Box Ginter Foil, and 3 gold cards.  The Elite Status is /10 and I was able to get it for about half the price that I had seen the previous sell for.  Bowman paper gold is number to 50 as is the Stadium Club Field Access.


  1. COMC is great for finding parallels. I'm surprised they had that many you needed!

    1. Cutch has over 3,500 unique cards counting all those damn 1/1 plates. I'm nearing 2K rapidly so there's still plenty more to chase.

  2. Wow! Awesome additions to your collection!

  3. Great haul! COMC is perfect for obtaining little odds and ends.