Monday, December 18, 2017

My favorite card of 2017

Tom is doing his Favorite card of the year on his Blog again.  I encourage everyone to check out the cards posted.  There's some great ones out there.

I'm going to talk a little bit about mine now.

Panini has been the only manufacturer producing autograph cards of Cutch for the past two years.  Topps has stuck to giving us just patches and swatches of the former MVP.

Last year's National Treasures release had a few booklets with sticker autographs.

This year NT provided more sticker autographs, but there was one card that really stood out to me.

The same day I saw this and was already negotiating arrangements to get it into my possession a few of you reached out to make me aware of it's existence.

This card is a monster addition to the PC.

Jolly Roger sleeve patch -CHECK
Laundry Tag patch -CHECK
QR code - CHECK
1/1 -CHECK
On Card Autograph -CHECK

The only thing missing from the card is a Pirates "P" team logo helmet.


  1. And of course Panini couldn't even be bothered to print the card correctly, with all of the jersey pieces being upside down

    1. I was so amazed by the card, that until I read your comment, I hadn't even noticed that everything was upside down.

  2. Upside down? That makes the card that more intriguing got sure. Great card!

  3. I remember seeing this card hit eBay. Nice to see new Cutch autos for sure.

  4. Wow! If I had that kind of card for any Cub, let alone my favorite Cub, I would probably call it quits!

  5. So glad you were able to add this to your collection!

  6. I'm normally not a big Panini guy, but there are just so many logos on those easily takes the focus away from the logoless photo. Great card!