Sunday, December 17, 2017

Ho hum, another 1/1 mini

A few months ago I grabbed this 2017 Allen & Ginter mini glossy hand numbered 1/1.

Something about hand numbering always seems like a cool idea until you put these thoughts in your head about the hand numbering:
1)It's likely just an intern numbering the cards


2)The card is a fake and was sold by an untrusty seller.

Fortunately for me, the seller appeared to have been legit as the card is indeed glossy upon touching it.

I'm not sure how many 1/1s this gives me now, but I'm thinking by the end of spring training 2018 I will have reached the 200 mark.  I think I am around 170+ right now.


  1. I'm always a little skeptical when I come across a hand numbered card... but that's only b/c I'm not as educated on the cards. Knowledge is the key.

  2. The hand numbering for Topps cards always appears similar so I think I would know if it was a little off.

  3. I am still saying u will be there before spring training