Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Getting close to 2,000 unique Cutch cards

I joined a player case break that netted me three new Cutch cards and a handful of base doubles.

2017 Panini Chronicles is a combination of Prizm, Contenders, Spectra, among others that we have grown to like for their football and basketball releases.

Prizm Baseball despite the lack of logos was always one of my favorite products because the color parallels popped better than anything Topps produced.

Unfortunately I didn't hit the Prizm hits.

Nothing fancy.  I got 8 base cards (front and back pictured side by side).
I like that Chronicles features a newspaper theme card about a specific event that occurred in the player's career.  I feel like the base cards are very boring and could have been a bit more inspiring if done correctly.  Include a box score instead of all that player information.  Get an image from the game.  Make it look more like a newspaper.  It's just a very blah design.

No big autographs or patches or even low numbered parallels.  Although I did secure the Gold /999 and Blue /399 as you can see below.  My scanner hates to scan these foil parallels evidently as you can't tell the difference between gold and blue (number, the Chronicles logo, and foil numbering).
I have purchased the green online in addition to some of the hits from this set.  One of them I am really looking forward to getting in hand as it looks amazing from the photo.


  1. Chronicles felt like a hockey release with all the different sets featured.

    1. I saw some of this stuff being busted on YT and wasn't a big fan. Although... the product name is really cool ;D

    2. The hits are decent looking, but the base is just a giant pile of poo

  2. I saw a blaster of these of the weekend at Target but had no idea what they were, so I didn't buy.