Thursday, December 7, 2017

Drafted for 5 months, Probstein rant

Sometimes I scan a card in and create a quick title and forget to post it.  My work schedule ranges from 48 to 60 hour work weeks beginning in October through February.  It's during this time that many of my posts are recapping cards I got during the summer.

Today's card is something I purchased nearly half a year ago.  I got shilled on this and it reminded me why I should never bid on Probstein auctions.  The card went for twice the rate I would have liked to pay for it, but I put in a crazy high max bid because I really wanted it.  I never thought it would actually go for what it did.
It's a great looking card from 2017 Tier One and is low numbered (/25).

The trouble with going through consignment services like Probstein is that you are always subject to having the auctions go for more than you would like to pay because the person who is consigning the card may be on the other pumping up the bids as the auction goes closer to the end.

Recently I purchased 9 more cards from Probstein, many of which are relic parallels from 2017 Triple Threads.  I was able to snag those for as little as $7.50 - $12.  This made me much happier than when I bought the Tier One above.  It had been nearly 6 months since I bid on  Probstein auctions because of that one auction.  You can expect a post on the 9 new additions sometime later this month (if I can get around to scanning them in).


  1. The card I posted today, a 1974 Mike Schmidt, is from a Probstein auction. I was happy with the price I got, but it's a card that's available from a lot of different sellers.

  2. I've purchased a few items from Probstein over the years and I'm always left wondering if I paid more than I had to. The one thing that keeps me from ranting is the fact that I always put in the most I'm willing to pay with 5 seconds left and then let fate run its course. If I win, I win. If I don't, I don't. But that still doesn't solve the issue of paying more than I really should have.

  3. I have the same strategy as Fuji-I think I have done OK price wise on their auctions-but then again I am only bidding on vintage and I am not familiar how prices run the recent product

    1. Yep, I've bought from Probstein as well and have used the same strategy as Fuji and BMan... let the cards fall where they may. There's always more fish in the sea if one gets away (unless it's a white whale of course).

  4. I've bought a few things from Probstein in the past, and while I have often been outbid I didn't realize they were a consignment seller. I might have to think twice before bidding on one of their auctions in the future - or at least hold firm on the price I'm willing to pay.

  5. I have been shilled by Probstein and other consignment auctions, but I also have gotten a card that should have gone for hundreds of dollars for less than $10 because of a bad description and a lousy picture, so it goes both ways for me.

  6. Those companies always get you on the shipping too.