Tuesday, September 22, 2020

1st Contest Winner Announced

Yesterday ended my 1st contest for my October Save Second Base Event.  We had 5 people join the contest and discuss which John Travolta movie was their favorite and remember his late wife, Kelly Preston, who passed away a few months ago because of losing her battle to breast cancer.

I entered the 5 names into the randomizer

And the name on top was AJ from The Lost Collector
Congrats for winning the first contest of this year's event.  More contests Will be announced in the next week as we get closer to the big event in October.

I thought I would use this as an open forum for who you may wish to see me tie in for this year's event and try to connect to a baseball card.  

Some of my favorites from year's past have been from the suggestions made by readers like you.  I know that I have a list ready to go and even have some posts slated for certain days, but I really want your suggestions.

Just Shoot Me a comment below who you want to see this year


  1. Replies
    1. Given what's she's said about online harassment and such, I think it would be better to leave her out. Not that these posts are anything like what she's talking about, but I get the feeling she'd rather not be featured in this sort of thing, at least right now. https://www.insider.com/att-lily-actress-milana-vayntrub-commercial-harassment-online-comments-instagram-photos-2020

    2. Her instagram is nothing but political posts and BLM type stuff...

  2. Congrats A.J.

    I nominate Madison Stalker from Below Decks Sailing on Bravo TV.