Monday, September 28, 2020

Checklist Complete

Andrew McCutchen had 1 card to chase in 2020 Allen & Ginter.  Cutch has been a staple in A&G since 2010 (his first full season) and has had a relic card in almost each release.

I am disappointed that there are no minis or even a base card in this year's set, but at least there is a full size relic of Cutch.

There is a parallel of sorts to chase, but nothing official.  This is a blue swatch of jersey, but there is also a white swatch that has been made available at almost an equal rate.  If You come across one, keep me in mind.

The days to enter my contest are shrinking.  Please be sure to enter my contest here for a chance to win a Kelly Brook Smallville Autograph.


  1. I still plan to get in on this!

    For Cutch, does he have other color relics other than just the blue?

    1. Just the white napkin looking swatch I mentioned. Same numbering, just different source material.

  2. I'm sure Topps will include A&G as part of their Future Stars Club program. If they do and I pull a Cutch relic with a white swatch... it's yours.