Thursday, September 10, 2020

Amazing cards, great prices

2020 has been a brutal year. I don't even have to talk about pandemics or political agendas (from either party) or racial injustice to say that this year has sucked.

One thing that hasn't sucked is the BOOM! in the card industry.  While there have been plenty of abnormal prices with many other players, Cutch's older cards have actually remained very cheap.

I may have over 3K unique cards of Cutch, but there are still plenty more for me to collect (especially cards from his post Pirates career).  

This is my latest card that I got really excited about.
This is a 2012 Topps Triple Threads sapphire parallel numbered to only 25 copies.  These older Triple Threads parallels are getting really tough to come by, especially these sapphire cards.
The back features a pretty cool fact about Cutch.  In only his second full season, he was able to become the 8th player in Pirates history to have a 20/20 season.  He would go and repeat that feat for four seasons.  The third fact about his mother, is the really cool one.  I knew she could sing as she sang the National Anthem at a few Pirates games, but I never knew that she was a top volleyball player.

I am really happy I was able to get this card for my collection.

I was able to get this card (and 3 others) for only $7.99
Here are the other cards in the collection including an amazing die cut refractor from Topps Chrome.
Here are the other two cards in the lot.
I have both of these chrome base cards, but never showed off the back of either.

Check out that spray chart for Cutch's homeruns in 2013:
A lot of players tend to hit the ball pullside and very few connect for all fields.

This is Cutch's HR chart over his career.
Talk about a thing of beauty...


  1. Collecting cards and writing/reading about the hobby has been my therapy for an awful year. I've actually started a second blog, so I'll have more to distract me from the cluster**ck of an election we've got coming at us.

  2. Cutch sure spreads the ball around. As for 2020... I'm crossing my fingers that 2021 is better. Then again... it can't be worse. Right?

  3. Cutch has been looking good for the Phillies the past few weeks, hope he keeps it up!