Saturday, September 12, 2020

Blogging Friends Power Activate

I still don't do a lot of social media.  I don't have a Snapchat, only update my facebook status maybe once a year, don't share videos on YouTube, and have exactly 2 pictures on my Instagram.  This blog is pretty much my only digital footprint I leave regarding my hobby.  

Well, the blog and Twitter that is.  I joined Twitter in June 2019 and have already added some very impressive cards to my collection including a few high end 1/1s.  

Thanks to being on Twitter, my blogging buddy, Daniel of It's Like Having My Own Card Shop was able to message me quickly regarding an Andrew McCutchen jumbo patch he saw for sale on Facebook Market.  I made arrangements with Daniel in a matter of minutes and the seller of the card agreed to sell it to me.  Were it not for Twitter and Daniel's presence on social media, I wouldn't have been able to add this to my collection. 

A few days after messaging Daniel via Twitter, this was in my mailbox.

That is my first jumbo patch of Cutch in a Phillies Jersey and it's a beauty numbered to only 5 copies.

Thank you Daniel for setting this up and the great friendship you've provided over the years with rare Cutch sightings.  


  1. I can't help but thinking about you whenever I see a McCutchen card. Glad it worked out so well!

  2. Was awesome to see this work out. Nice teamwork!

  3. That is a fantastic swatch, really capturing the essence of those powder blue Phillies throwbacks.

  4. Awesome patch. Don't think Twitter will ever be my scene... but I'm glad it's helping some collectors add beautiful cards like these to collections.

  5. Some of these sites can be really good for certain kinds of collections, it's fortunate that you just so happen to have one of those kinds of collections :)