Monday, September 14, 2020

The First Save Second Base Prize Revealed

We are nearing October so that means we will be doing the yearly Save Second Base event I do each year.  Much of the concept for the past few years will remain the same, pink (and it's shades) baseball cards will be shown all month long while I highlight a celebrity that can somehow relate to that card.

This year I am going to kickstart things with a beautiful celebrity (and amazing human) that loss her life to breast cancer this year.

Kelly Preston died back in July due to complications resulting from the breast cancer she was diagnosed with only two years prior.

She began her acting career in 1980 on an episode of Hawaii Five-O
She would later star in the 1985 film Mischief
She married John Travolta
Her last Instagram post was a tribute to her husband saying that she and their children love him.  
What a remarkable woman, taken way too soon.

To win the card at the end of this post pimp this contest and say what John Travolta movie is your favorite (there are plenty to choose from).  

I thought about what mine would be (Punisher, Pulp Fiction, Face/Off), but it ultimately came down to Grease.  Grease is such a fun movie with plenty of adult humor, catchy sing alongs, great quotes, and and a memorable cast.  

I guess it helps that my high school girlfriend reminds me a lot of Olivia Newton-John.  Newton-John, famous for her singing and acting, has also battled breast cancer and has had three major battles with it.  

Because Grease is my favorite, I am going to offer up a card that is based on the year that Grease took place to kick off the Save Second Base event.

This Topps Project 2020 drawn by Ermsy is based on Bob Gibson's 1959 rookie card.  Ermsy was an artist that I considered buying all the project 2020 cards for, but the Trout continues to be one of the most expensive cards the set has produced so I cancelled that plan.  
If you want a chance to win this card, leave a comment below with a link to your blog post talking about a John Travolta movie you liked and mention that John's beautiful wife lost her battle with breast cancer and that we all must work to raise awareness for a cure.  I will randomize the entrants on September 21st so you only have 1 week to get those posts ready!


  1. Thanks for doing this and bringing awareness. Grease has to be my favorite Travolta film as well though five come to mind easily (Pulp Fiction, Wild Hogs, The General's Daughter, and Primary Colors). Can't wait for your October posts. Don't worry about adding me to the contest. Here is my link promoting Save Second Base:

  2. Looking forward to the October posts! Mine is Pulp Fiction. No blog for me so I'll be rooting from the sidelines!

  3. I am passing on the contest entry I will give it a pimp though. John, Kelly and family are/were locals for me back home. (They live in Ocala when they were not working). It was a sad day at her passing. Beautiful, sexy and sassy (Jerry McGuire), and sweet (For the love of the Game). as for the JT movie......Swordfish which has another bombshell in it.

  4. As always, I'm looking forward to October.

    In addition to Save Second Base, it's also our 15th Wedding Anniversary on the 21st.

  5. Just pimped your contest! ( I have to give Face/Off the nod for favorite Travolta movie. Travolta and Cage really played off each other well!

  6. Ahh didn't see this. I'll have to see if I can in a Travolta post (or do any post at all).

    1. I'm in:

  7. I loved watching Grease whenever it was on TV as a kid... but Pulp Fiction is one of the greatest movies I've ever seen.

    Here's my contest plug and response...

  8. Contest closed. Winner announced tomorrow