Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Crisis Week: Arrow

Crisis Week continues tonight with the new episode of Arrow.

We have already seen one major character lose their life in the week long event that kicked off back in December with the first three parts of the 5 part cross franchise series event.  You can revisit my Crisis Week inspired cards here to see Flash, Supergirl, and Batwoman.

I chose this autograph 2011 Lineage card of Cutch because it is the Canary parallel and well...the Black Canary is forever linked to the Green Arrow in the comics.

They would eventually get married in the comics.

From all incarnations of DC Animation, the two have always been paired up at various stages.  The Justice League Unlimted episode "Double Date" which prominitely features Green Arrow, The Question, and the pair of Birds of Prey characters (Hundreds and Black Canary) is my second favorite episode produced.  My favorite? The Great Brain Robbery is the winner. (The Flash is one of my favorite comic characters ever!!!)
Mike Grell is the definitive Green Arrow artist and really made the character a more mature read back in the 80s.

The first season of Arrow introduced a new spin on the Queen/Lance relationship that we are so used to from the comics.


  1. Katie Cassidy was a big reason I was into Arrow for a few years.

  2. Hard not to like Black Canary and is a good paired with Green Arrow.