Sunday, April 9, 2017

$7.83 well spent

This card by TriStar Signature Cuts isn't very good looking.
It doesn't feature player photos.
It doesn't feature stats.
It doesn't feature team names.

It does feature autographs of two guys who have the following credentials between the two of them

2x Rookie of Year by Baseball America
1x National League MVP
6x All-Star appearances
5x Gold Gloves
4x Silver Slugger Awards
1x World Series Champ

 Jason Heyward and Andrew McCutchen  Dual cut autos

What did it cost?
$7.83 shipped.

The seller included the original box it came with also.  The checklist looks pretty strong, but if I spent $100 and this was my card I would be pissed.
For under $8 tho?
Yeah, I'll add that to my Cutch PC


  1. Not the best looking, but a great deal on two nice autographs!

  2. They may not be pretty, but I suppose they are fairly unique. Also, it's nice to be able to pick up some pretty big names for such a low price!

  3. It's kind of interesting that Andrew's auto is on a Just Minors sticker.

  4. As a fellow player collector, I totally agree that this was a great pick up for the price. It's definitely a conversation starter. The issue I have is that prospective buyers of this product assumed they were receiving cut signatures when they picked up this pack. How is a sticker placed on an index card a cut signature? This is the epitome of cardfoolery.