Monday, April 3, 2017

#capson your heart variant

The 2017 Topps Opening Day release had one of the best insert sets in a long time when they had the game's elite players shown during the National Anthem.

Of course I had to add the Andrew McCutchen to my collection.  

I love the image of Cutch and think this is a great insert set.  I gave 3 problems with the inserts though.
1)They don't feature the player's name on front, only the team
2)They are extremely rare for a budget set, often falling one per case.
3)The backs of the cards (excluding the numbering) have the same writeup and stats as the regular Topps/Opening Day release.  

The third issue I have might be the most frustrating for me.  You created a great looking set on the front and numbered them differently to distinguish that they are NOT photo variants.  Wouldn't it have been cooler if Topps did some research on the player about pregame rituals or if he had anybody he pays tribute to while the National Anthem is being sung.  Cutch's card back could have talked about his mom singing the National Anthem before the 2013 "Blackout" Wild Card Game and how he went 2 for 3 in the game.  That would have been much better than just a standard "reprint the same back" approach. 


  1. Thanks AJ. I want to beat the BoSox for you

  2. Sweet card! I thought it was strange that it didn't have the player name on the front. The fact that the back is the same as the players base card is really weird.