Saturday, April 8, 2017


The Pirates won their 1st Game of 2017.
Greg Brown, the energetic voice of the Pittsburgh Pirates declares "Raise The Jolly Roger" after every victory. So in that tradition, let's Raise It!

Here's all the Cutch cards I have with the Jolly Roger sleeve patch.

I will start things off with one of my favorite cards before I became a Cutch supercollector.

This was one of the first Jolly Roger sleeve patches I added to my collection.  It is one of only 3 autographs I have with a sleeve patch.  It's numbered 8/10.

Here's the other 2 autographs with the Jolly Roger patch.

Despite having bold parallels and Jolly Roger patches I think they fail in comparison to the 2012 Museums.

Panini Flawless.  It's obvious after looking at this card why it would be called Flawless.  Look at that nice Emerald frame around the patch. The patch itself is one of the better ones I have to.

Topps Strata has been producing some amazing cards for the past few years. I'm lucky enough to have some nasty looking patches from both the 2015 and 2016 releases.

2016 Museum offered a few nice patches in their Primary Pieces.  I was only able to add two, but love the two I added.

From Triple Threads is this 3D style card showing a nice patch and that sweet Jolly Roger patch.

My only 2017 Jolly Roger sleeve patch (so far) is from the flagship release.

This is one of the hardest to recognize having a sleeve patch due to all the lettering for this Triple Threads release in 2010.

Well...these next two are kind of cheating since they don't have Cutch Jolly Roger sleeves, but they do have logo patches on cardboard that features Cutch.

A Jolly Roger sleeve patch of Gerrit Cole? I'll take 2 please!

Ok, that card was just a beast, here's the other Cole Pirate logo patch.

This is another patch that features other pretty good ballplayers in Hall of Famers Willie Stargell and Reggie Jackson.  I hear that Yoenis Cespedes guy is pretty good too.  The Cutch patch is what makes the card pop tho.

Let's finish strong!

Boom! That is a big patch of an angry Pirate sleeve patch.

There's still 159 games to go so hopefully there will be plenty more Raising of The Jolly Roger!


  1. Holy crap, these are awesome. Love the ones where you can see his face.

  2. So many awesome cards! That is such a great patch!