Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A 1/1 Signature

Having nearly 1,700 unique cards of Cutch I am now looking for any inscription cards that appear to be different than other autographed cards by the former MVP winner.

I have been slowly buying another collector's Cutch inventory.  This was one of the main cards I was interested in.

It's not numbered but an inscription like that makes me think that not many are out there like this.  Only one has popped up for sale in the past 5 years and it was sold to the guy I bought this from.

The back is exactly the same as the standard autographed version.
After the embarassing game yesterday, the Bucs could use some cheering.

Let's Go Bucs!


  1. Interesting! Surprised he didn't sign his name too.

  2. His hand probably started to hurt from all the cursive so he tried to mix it up. Lol