Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Start of a New Era

Hey guys.

I am doing away with my old blog piratestreasureroom. I have just lost a lot of interest in keeping up with the Pirates cardboard. With so many releases and so many players being constantly reused over and over for "hits" in products, I just don't want to continue seeking out any more new releases. An Andrew Lambo autograph was fun the first time I saw it, but it lost it's allure after the 5th time in a span of 6 months of product releases.

I am not going to give up on cardboard though. Instead I am streamlining what I collect. I will continue to add vintage Topps cards to my collection in my pursuit to complete the Flagship Topps team sets dating back to 1952.  I will also focus on my favorite player and the guy who started a renaissance of baseball in Pittsburgh, Andrew McCutchen.  I'm not giving up on adding new Charlie Morton cards either, but there isn't many new cards released for Ground Chuck each year.

As of this 1st post I have over 1,300 unique cards of Cutch. This blog will highlight some cards I have already shown on my old blog, but it will also chronicle my new cards of Cutch as he hopefully continues his borderline Hall of Fame worthy career.

Welcome to the New Era of my cardboard collecting ways.
This Lids exclusive card was only available in packs after purchasing a New Era baseball cap during Opening Day week in 2016. I have had a Lids card for the past 4 years and have probably close to 30 caps. Yup, I'm that guy whose hat color matches the shirt I am wearing.
The back of the card looks very similar to his 2016 Topps release, but with different numbering.