Sunday, July 15, 2018

Scripture Sunday Luke 14:11

"For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and the one who humbles himself will be exalted"

I won't always be showing off cards of Cutch with inscriptions as I only have about 5 of them if memory serves correctly.
This 2005 Just Minors card featuring Cutch in his Gulf Coast League Pirates uniform features an on card autograph with an inscription Luke 14:11

This verse holds meaning to me in many ways.  In my job I often give credit to others and recognize the team effort rather than taking credit for my own actions in the success of the team.  A good example of this is that we have a new department manager who is our youngest dept mgr in our company and he has taken on a strong desire to learn and be successful through me.  He has approached me several times in trying to make his Gross Profit and Net Income of dept better.  I gave him a few suggestions and it has paid massive dividends.  My supervisor came to me thanking me for the time I spent with him and making the store operations better because of his success.  Rather than own it and say "Yeah. I am the best and can make anyone successful" I simply said "Collin is the future of our company. He has a strong desire to learn. All I did was offer some suggestions. He is the one that executed it ... and did it brillaintly".

It's important to stay humble in our lives.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Cardboard Cameos #10: Super Saiyan Up!!!

Here is my first Cutch cameo in San Francisco gear.

He is featured running towards a Nick Hundley who looks like he is getting ready to go Super Saiyan in the Bay.

Quick Cutch run towards him. Help Save The City!!!

Friday, July 13, 2018

Friday The 13th: Thrills, DieCuts, and Chasing

We all know the story of Friday the 13th and how Jason Voorhees would slash and cut up his victims. I am in no way going to promote that.

Instead I have this awesome Die Cut from 2013 called Cut to the Chase.  2013 was all about the "chasing" theme for Topps.  Many of their inserts had the word Chase in it and the flagship release had a chasing fact on the back.

The back features a Thrill to Chase.

Cutch did in fact break Andy Van Slyke's record on June 11th 2014 when in the bottom of the 1st inning he homered off Cubs starter Jason Hammel to deep Left Field scoring Josh Harrison.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Love My Dad

Today is my dad's birthday.  He will be 59 years old today and has lived an amazing life albeit a small and humble one.  Never to do anything famous or travel the world or anything of that magnitude, he has always kept his roots at home...where his heart is.  I love him for that and respect him for that.  He is currently living in a house on a road that he grew up in.  He's incredible in every sense of the word.  I know I have told stories of how much he has influenced my life, but here is one more.

Back when I was a teenager, I was involved in several bands ranging from punk to metal to nu-metal (rap/hardcore/metal). We would play a bunch of small gigs as favors to one of my friends as a way to make extra money.  There was a local firehouse who would rent out their space to us and we would pack it FULL!!!  Well, one night some fans got a little reckless and in the middle of the set someone punched a hole while the mosh pit and crowd surfing got out of hand.

My band, myself, and my friend who was promoting the show were like WTF!!!????

My dad is a painter/wallpaper hanger and does some general small contracting stuff.  At around 11:30pm I called him up telling him what happened and how we would likely lose the venue as a place for future shows if we couldn't fix it.  He said not to worry and that he would swing by in the morning and fix it up.

I told my buddy Richie who was the promoter to let the fire chief know we would have it fixed in the morning.

After a 1am diner run (New Jersey is known for their 24 hour diners) we finally went to my friend Kyle's house and crashed for a few hours.  At around 9am my bandmates, myself, Kyle, Richie, and Mel all got up and went to the firehouse to meet my dad for 10am when he said he would be there.

He was already there in his work van ready to get to work.

My dad hated the music we played, but loved the message as we were a positive youth hardcore/punk band.  He greeted all my friends most of whom had tattoos and piercings and crazy colored hair.  He offered us doughnuts that he picked up on the way then proceeded to get to work.

Once inside he kept insisting that "you kids don't need to stay here and watch me do this. Go to the mall or something."

What's funny is that even though we were all 17 to 22 years old we wanted to hang out with the old balding dude and watch him gut the wall, spackle it up, expediate drying it, and eventually paint it.  We wanted to hear stories of how he would ride his dirt bike around the farm he grew up on when he was our age.  We wanted to just spend time with him.

After a few hours of watching him work he ordered pizza for us and by 2pmish the job was complete.  He had fixed the giant hole and literally made it look brand new.

I wish I had more of the pictures from that day, but sadly that was before smart phones and I could only find this one actual picture of me and my dad as he was drying the spackel.

I wish I had the picture of all of us in front of the hole in wall doing the metal sign and my dad attempting to do it (If memory serves correctly he did the hang loose sign instead).

Such a fun day!!!

The previous night was pretty fun too...but I won't get into all that.

Looking back at some of the pictures from those days was a lot of fun.  Oh 1999 and early 2000s you were so kind to my hairline. Lol!!! Maybe I shouldn't have ruined you with blonde hair dye, giant spiked hair, bandanas and beanies.

I was thinking about not showing any baseball cards today, but to tie in with my story about my dad is this Crawdad 25 year anniversary card from last year.  Last year the Hickory Crawdads (now a Texas Rangers affiliate) released a 25 card set showing off the best players to come through the Crawdads over the team's existence.  Included were a bunch of Pirates and Rangers and of course Cutch made the cut.

The front of the card is a throwback image to when the player was a member of the Crawdads.

The back features the stats of the player while a Crawdad along with what the player accomplished in the majors.
The set has a border that features the multiple logos the team has used during it's history.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Slurpee Day. Happy 7-11!!!!

During the summer months in the late 80s early 90s it was intensely hot on the house I grew up in.  We didn't have air conditioning and had to find ways to keep as cool as possible.  I have a lot of memories of my mom getting Coke Slurpee cravings and my dad driving 10 minutes to the nearest 7-11 to get her her fix.  Of course my dad would also get me one and would get a big smile on his face when on the bottom of my Slurpee cup was a baseball disc ala Sportsflix of a player I collected.

The majority of my baseball cards I had as a kid are long gone, but I remember getting super excited about Roger Clemens being on the bottom of my cup one night.

7-11 hasn't done a promotion like this for nearly two decades.

The closest thing that has been produced to resemble the tiny circular discs is a 2013 Panini Hometown Heroes Sportsdisc.

The front of the tiny disc has the sportsflix look to it.

While the back has a quick snapshot of the player's career.

Of course I have two different parallels to these backs. The base and black.  I still need the gold.

What are your favorite Slurpee flavors?

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Some TriStar parallels

I am having so much fun going back through and looking at all the cards I have in my collection as I am begining to sort and scan and eventually upload to my site.

I completely forgot how many base cards 2005 Topps Update cards I had of Cutch including 4 Golds!

Among all the Bowman Heritage and Topps cards I came across a few TriStar minor league cards.

Cutch was never one of the big hobby names while in the minors despite getting ranked as high as #13 on Baseball America's Top Prospect lists prior to 2007.  While in the minors "prospecters" were going crazy for Brandon Wood, Andy LaRoche, Justin Upton, Travis Snider, and Jay Bruce.  Guys like Cutch and Kershaw were largely ignored.

Back in the mid 2000s the Bowman prospecting craze with 18 different color parallels hadn't started yet.  There was no such thing as a bubble refractor or carbon fiber refractor 1st year Bowman card.

There was a draft pick card in Update, some Bowman Heritage draft pick cards, one Bowman card with only 4 different parallels,  Just Minor, and TriStar products.

More competition and less products.  What a simpler time it was....

I found two TriStar cards I own of Cutch while a member of the A ball affiliate Hickory Crawdads (more on them tomorrow).  They include the green parallel to 50 copies and the base.

I also own a trio of TriStar cards from his days with the Altoona Curve.
These include the Green (/25), Reflective (Foil Refractor not numbered), and base.

These make some pretty unique minor league cards of the player actually wearing their minor league uniform.   I always prefer minor league cards to airbrushed affiliate cards for players who haven't made their debut.

To put into perspective, Charlie Hayes' son Ke'Bryan Hayes, has reached AA Altoona Curve and currently has 409 different cards including 1/1s.  That is a little bit crazy....just a little.

Monday, July 9, 2018

The Learning Curve

I was so happy to read everyone's response and comments about my two most recent posts.  It helped solidify that I am doing the right thing.

There will be a learning curve as I begin to invest my heart and posts into God more on Sundays going forward, but I think the content will be better than just the show and tells I have mostly done since creating the blog.

This Wednesday I will be attending the AA Eastern League All-Star Game in Trenton, NJ.  I am looking forward to it and all the festivities that will be available to enjoy before the game.  Bernie Williams will be playing the National Anthem on his guitar and there is a meet and greet with the All-Stars before the game.  There are a pair of Hall of Famers whose sons were selected as All-Stars (Biggio and Guerrero). 

Cutch made it to AA before turning 20 years old.  This caused him to get ranked 13th best prospect in baseball entering the 2007 season. 

He wasn't selected as an All-Star while in AA because his time was too short there.  If he were selected he would have represented the Altoona Curve. 

I have shown off a few of my minor league cards of Cutch before.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Let Me Clarify Things

I know yesterday's post may have seemed a bit glum, but I want to just clarify things.

I am not going to stop blogging.
I am not going to stop collecting.
I am merely slamming the brakes on how much I am buying and how much time I am spending looking for new cards to buy.  I have a platform with this blog to tell the world about my collection.  I enjoy that.

I have over 2,300 unique cards of Cutch in my spreadsheet (and probably a stack of another 50 not yet logged).  I could find something to write about for each one for over 7 years.

I am still in the early process of this understanding of what my goal with the blog may be.

This signed 1st Bowman card may help bring me closure of realizing I don't have to have the Ash Ketchum mentality (Pokemon reference of "gotta catch them all").

The card features a bible inscription
Romans 8:28
And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

I can not speak for anyone else but myself.  I don't want to live my life defined by my collection.  Collecting no matter what it is has always been fun to me, but around 2005 it became more of an obsession, an addiction with my comic books, comic art, and eventually baseball cards (again).

There are other things I would like to be remembered for.

This bible verse has always been in my heart.  Whenever something bad happens to my family, friends, and other loved ones I have always thought in simple terms "it will be ok".

Sometimes I say it aloud not understanding the true meaning of why "it will be ok".

Then I go on to say things like "it just will be.  Life will get better."  Never did I force religion on someone or quote the bible or even mention the Lord's name.  That wasn't me.  It was as if I was ashamed to admit of my faith.

I was ashamed to admit that there was a higher power greater than myself that always made things "good for me."

Why would I be ashamed?  Why should I be ashamed?

In short, I shouldn't be.
In long term going forward, I won't.

This blog will feature a bible quote every Sunday going forward.  If that isn't your thing, I am sorry.  To those that aren't religious and want to immediately unfollow the blog, I challenge you to just try and open your heart before you click that button.  It may be life changing.

Baseball cards will still be appearing on this blog regularly.
Don't fret!

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Burnout=Tapping Out

When it comes to collecting, I feel like I have no self control.  I want to be the best at everything I collect.

Since 2000 here are some things that I have collected

2000 to 2002 Thundercats
I collected all things Thundercats.  The original figures, the mini figures, carded figures, loose figures, prototypes, comics, vhs videos, vehicles (box and loose), bedding, baby shoes, party goods.  If it had an eye of Thundera on it, I owned it.

Then I sold EVERYTHING!!!

Went full steam ahead with Voltron and Transformers.
Rinse and repeat as seen with Thundercats above.

Sold everything except a 3 foot prototype for the Voltron3D toyline.

Got into comic books
Had a complete run of X-Men begining with Giant Size #1 to present (stopped in 2010)
Had complete runs of The Flash begining in 1981 to 2010

Sold the comics to focus on original art
Focused heavily on my favorite character, Gambit.  Would attend about 5 to 8 comic book conventions each year.  I commissioned hundreds of artists to draw my favorite comic character.  I even built a website and had a blog detailing my collection.

In 2005 I attended my first baseball game in over a decade.  It was a Pirates vs Phillies game.  I liked the Pirates as a kid.  Barry Bonds, Andy Van Slyke, Bobby Bonilla, and Doug Drabek were on the verge of entering their primes when they were dominating the NL East in the early 90s.  I thought there would be several Hall of Famers on that team.  Unfortunately none of them were involved with the Pirates in 2005.  I thought about collecting Brad Eldred (who was the first player I saw hit a HR in person for over a decade), but I realized he wasn't going to be any good.  Instead I decided I would follow this kid Andrew McCutchen who drew comparisons to Marquis Grissom.  I saw a few minor league games and grabbed a few cards, but I wasn't having the cardboard crack addiction....yet.

Well I stopped being as obsessed with comics around 2009 when a certain Pirates rookie made his debut.  I began selling off my comic collection and growing my baseball card collection.

Baseball cards specifically 1987 Topps is what started it all for me after all.  Barry Bonds, Will Clark, Barry Larkin...that set was loaded with future Hall of Famers rookie cards.   Well???? Maybe not in the eyes of those voting for the Hall of Fame.  That set was iconic to me.  I had thousands of 1987 Topps all sorted by team in a binder and some pages had 4 or 5 of the same card shoved in each pocket.  I was 6 years old then. Condition meant nothing to me.  I wanted to get back into the card hobby, but all my favorite players were retired or on the verge of it.

I decided I would collect (not at a super level yet) the player the Pirates drafted in the first round the year I got back into attending baseball games.  That McCutchen fella.

My cardboard collection quickly grew to be all things Pittsburgh.  I was grabbing autographs of Ian Snell and Evan Meek and seeking out parallels of Robinson Diaz for the baseball front.  Willie Parker and Rashard Mendenhall became a staple in my growing Steelers collection as my favorite football player (Jerome Bettis) was long retired.  I was spending money on junk!

Around 2015 I stopped focusing on all things Pittsburgh and began focusing on just Andrew McCutchen cards while still building the Topps flagship team sets each year.  I became laser focused on adding and collecting all things Cutch.  I saw my collection grow by nearly 1,000 cards in two years.  I was getting a card a day on average.

I was addicted and COMC and eBay became my dealers.

Winter 2017 my favorite player of my favorite team gets traded.

Summer 2018, I realize that I am watching more Giants games than Pirates games and debating if I am collecting for the joy of the hobby or obsessing over false idols.

I have nothing to be ashamed of if I stop collecting Andrew McCutchen cards.  My collection might be the biggest in the world.  I have so many cards I could post a single card a day of Cutch for nearly 8 years without showing a duplicate.  

I mentioned that I wanted to get back on track with my other blog Chasing 3,000 (my Roberto Clemente collection) and I think this will be a good opportunity for me to slam the brakes on buying more cards and appreciating the cards I have more.

Instead of daily "show and tell" posts, I will be providing more content to both this blog and Chasing 3,000 as I will no longer be exhausting unnecessary energy in searching for more cards to buy and appreciating the cards I have.  I hinted at it yesterday when showing a 2018 Series 2 insert card.  There are just way too many parallels to try and collect now.  The thrill isn't long term.

Cutch has appeared in a handful of insert cards for 2018 flagship so far including a 1983, 1983 All-Star, Salute, Superstar Sensations, Opening Day Stars, and Legends in The Making.  That is 6 different insert sets.  Don't get me wrong, I love the exposure that Cutch is still getting despite his career numbers taking a dip over the past three seasons.  The problem with each of those inserts is that there is 4 different parallels to chase (base, red, blue, black). Instead of 6 cards that's 24 cards I would need to add to my collection.  That can be exhausting both in terms of money (although many do go fairly cheap) and time.

Recently another Supercollector, Tanner Jones, who had one of the most impressive Jose Canseco collections in the world decided to give it up and sell his Canseco collection.  Tanner is selling his collection not so much because of being burned out, but because of personal reasons and feeling that it is something God wants him to do.  I respect this decision a lot.  I wish I had a stronger relationship with our Lord.  I have faith, but it's not as clear to me what my path is as what Tanner has recently experienced.

Back when I used to have my Gambit art collection I created a website to showcase it all off.  It was fun and I was able to continuously view the collection even after I sold everything off.  Consequently I sold the address and it now belongs to some company in Japan that has nothing to do with the X-Men character Gambit.

I have been buying so much cardboard that I literally am about a month late with just updating the spreadsheet.  Moreso, I haven't been taking the time to truly enjoy each card.  They just keep getting added to the stack.

I am going to make the decision to slow down with this cardboard addiction I have and instead of buying 4 different parallels of a Topps Museum card all with the same four boring white swatches I will focus more on quality instead of quantity as I continue to Collect Cutch.

There is PLENTY more for me to write about and I am going to try and continue to post as daily as possible.  But, after reading about Tanner's decision to quit cold turkey, I reevaluated my hobby habits and life priorities.  I have never met him in person or even talked to him other than to congratulate his work on a custom card or a recent pickup via FreedomCardboard.  I think it makes sense for me to focus my energy on appreciating what I already have instead of needing to have more.

A perfect example is this 1/1 Laundry Tag.  I forgot I had it as evidenced by not including it in my post featuring the Logoman cards I have and that it was never inputted into my spreadsheet. It had fallen by my desk and I never noticed it until I was reorganizing today.  A 1/1 Laundry Tag that I wasn't realizing I was missing?  Yeah I got problems!

Thank you for the inspiration Tanner.  Hopefully I can get my website, CollectingCutch, finally up and running now that I won't have to always be searching for more new cards.  I did some general layout and design in February, but never did anything else with it.  Looking at so many great player collectors' sites online really makes me want to get mine up and running so that I can appreciate it more and not always be looking for the next "high" of getting more cardboard in the mail.

Who knows, maybe one day I can get a custom card from you containing the likes of Cutch, Clemente, and Bonds.

God Bless and I hope everyone enjoys the content I have going forward.

Friday, July 6, 2018

This Day in Cutchstory: A Day Late, A Buc Short

I made the mistake of not showing this off yesterday as part of my This Day In Cutchstory.

Now because I forgot to mention yesterday that Cutch hit a HR on that date in 2014 (as evidenced by the card below), I will instead focus on his July 6th 2014 performance where Cutch went 2 for 4 at the plate with a triple and RBI.  Following that game, Cutch raised his average to .324.

The Pirates completed a sweep of their state rivals and rose to 6 games over .500 while the Phillies further sunk to 14 games below .500.

These career milestone cards are similar to the Moments and Milestones impossible sets that Topps made a few years ago.  As someone who missed out on the chaos of the M&M set, I like that the concept was reinstated in the form of these cheap 1/1s for the game's top players.

Unfortunately Honus Bonus Partners never really took off so there's probably a bunch of these still sealed in boxes at a warehouse.  I have been able to get a bunch of them for under $10 so hopefully as more become available they can find their way into my collection.

The McCutchenless Pirates are facing one of the best teams in baseball this weekend, the Philadelphia Phillies.  Earlier in the year the Pirates were swept in a four game road trip to Philadelphia.  Hopefully they can start winning some games again soon.  I would love to see some winning baseball in the Steel City.  2013 to 2015 seems so far removed from the current roster.  Only 5 players on the 2015 roster are still with the Pirates (Josh Harrison, Starling Marte, Gregory Polanco, Francisco Cervelli, and Jordy Mercer).  Only 3 of them played in that series against the Pbillies 4 years ago.  Cervelli is a free agent at the end of the year so it is likely that another fan favorite will leave Pittsburgh for greener pastures.

Bring back the wins in the Steel City!

Let's Go Bucs!!!!!

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Just a random card...Throwback Thursday style

I am very short on time today as I am focusing on a fairly long post to write in addition to some great content over the next few weeks.

Instead I will just share this random card of Cutch wearing a Throwback uniform.

Like everything else Topps is doing there are parallels to collect.

We now live in a world where the inserts have multiple parallels.  It's not ok to just get a Salute card 1 in every 2 packs.  Now you have to chase the black, blue, and parallels too.

If you supercollect, that's four more cards to add to the collection.   I have three of the four by the way.  The red escaped me when it went for over $65 (!!!!!!?????)

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Today We Celebrate our Independence pt2

Independence Day was one of my favorite sci-fi movies of all time.  Obviously the concept of the movie had no real links to the original day of independence.

One of the best new parallels to appear in Topps flagship this year is the Independance parallels numbered to 76 copies to commemorate 1776, when America was truly declared as the United States of America.

I am still in search of some of the other parallels for this card, but this is by far one of my more favorite cards in recent years to feature stars and stripes.

I would much rather get a cool parallel background like what you see above instead of the traditional manupatches Topps has done in the past.

Case in point, the version you see below....

Or this one I showed off last year from the 2010 release with 229!!! player checklist.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018



I came across this old article on Rumbunter, a Pirates site, discussing a potential trade of Cutch to the Giants.  The article talked about a package revolving around Tyler Beede (Giants only top 100 prospect on Baseball America list), Christian Arroyo (article written before the Longoria trade), and Joe Panik in exchange for Cutch's final year before becoming a free agent.

The article goes on to close with it is unlikely that the Pirates and Giants will find a match to trade the face of the Pirates franchise to the Bay.

Well....a few weeks after that article was written, not only was Cutch traded but the Pirates included money in the trade (whaaaaaaaaat??!!!!) for International Spending money, Bryan Reynolds, and Kyle Crick.

Obviously the news broke me and I was very upset to see my favorite player get traded.

Overall though getting Kyle Crick, who has been one of the Pirates better more reliable arms out of the bullpen for 5 more years along with one of the Giants top prospects, Bryan Reynolds, looks like it will be more successful for the Pirates longterm.

This article wasn't intended to provide fake news or false hopes of Cutch being traded.  It was more designed to hold out hope that the Pirates may hold onto Cutch for another year.  It was an error of judgement and assumption by the writer.

Both Topps and Panini have made errors regarding cardboard featuring Cutch and the Giants over the years.

Panini made the rather embarassing moment when they confused Pirates legend Willie Stargell with Giants legend Willie McCovey.  I wrote about that card here.  The back of the card for a memory refresher is below.

Topps made an error on their 2018 1983 inspired inserts when they claimed that Cutch hit a Grandslam against the Giants.  Cutch did hit a HR, but it was a 3 run shot not a grand slam. AJ of the Lost Collector sent me that card here.  The card back is below.

Overall I am still upset that Cutch isn't playing in the Steel City anymore, but the addition of Crick and Reynolds could help the team much more over the next 5+ years compared to what Cutch could have done for them this year.  That's not a knock on Cutch either.  That's the business side of baseball.

Monday, July 2, 2018

Cardboard Insider: Happy Belated Bobby Bonilla Day

Yesterday was Bobby Bonilla Day.  In case you are unfamilar with one of the Mets most famous contract fails, every July 1st since 2011, Bobby Bonilla receives a check from the Mets for a deferred contract he signed prior to the 2000 season.

Bonilla will earn over $23 million in interest for this contract negotiating having received his last payment at the age of 72 in the year 2035 a full 35 years past his last game played in a Mets uniform.

Bonilla was a 4 time All Star with the Pirates and served as a part of the team's resurgence in the early 90s with Barry Bonds and Andy Van Slyke.

After the 1991 season Bonilla left for free agency and signed with the New York Mets.

He would go on to have 2 more All Star appearances then would leave to join the Florida Marlins in 1997 and help them to their first World Series.
Bonilla would finish his career with stops in Baltimore, St. Louis, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and a second go round with New York before hanging up the cleats.  His career included 2,010 hits, 287 home runs, and 1,173 RBIs.  In addition to 6 All Star Games he also won 3 Silver Slugger awards.

He would go on to receive just 2 votes in his first and only year on the Hall of Fame ballot.

Normally I show the card first before giving the inside information, but that fake bobblehead is too perfect not to lead this post with.

Bonilla's name is mentioned on the back of this card.
The card is from a 2014 All-Star Game Wrapper Redemption

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Christmas In July

It's hard to believe the year is half over already.

As we head towards the second half of this year, I have begun planning some "events" that I want to do this year.

Let's begin with what the main BIG event will be this year...because of the amount of interaction I got last year and when I previously did it on PiratesTreasureRoom, I will be doing my annual Save The Boobies October Breast Cancer Awareness event. This event will hopefully take place during the entire month of October again.  It will be returning with more Cutch pink cards to showoff, recap last year's cards in one post, and do some Cutch cameo pink cards.  I have been planning some of these posts since last year.

I am planning on attending the AA Minor League All Star Game in Trenton on July 12th and will showcase only minor league cards of Cutch during that week while looking at how his stats in the minors rank with current prospects ascending to the show.

Following the minor league All Star Game I will switch gears and look at Cutch's 5 year stretch of consecutive All Star Games from 2011 to 2015.  I will also look at the two years he got the "snubbed" treatment in 2010 and 2017 and compare them to other ASG representives.

After October I will show off cards I have of Cutch that pair him with top free agents like Machado, Harper, Donaldson, etc.  I will also run a contest for you to predict the team and years Cutch signs with this year.

December will feature a 12 days of Christmas series as I countdown to Christmas using only cards marked 12/25.  I know Gavin should be a big fan of this.

After Christmas I will be in full on review mode for the year.  I will be reviewing my favorite sets, hits, Cutch's performance, and any cards I picked up this year from previous year's releases.

If there is any content you would like me to show off hit me up.  I have over 2,300 cards to choose from so I am sure I can come up with something.

Because New Jersey is going to be over 100 degrees today and I would much rather it be cooler fall like temperatures, I am going to show a Christmas card...In July.

This is what you can expect to see for the 12 Days of Christmas segment, a nice card numbered 12/25.

 I thought I would show off this 2014 Stadium Club Field Access Rainbow Foil first since the 2018 Stadium Club just released this week.
I have often complained about Topps not using the best photos of Cutch for Stadium Club.  This entry is actually a unique look into the dugout as Cutch is heading to the field.
The look of these cards was meant to resemble a bar code to grant you "field access".  This particular one is glistening with the rainbow foil that makes this rare card fall once in a case.

The dog days of July, August, and September are upon us. Give me some inspiration what to write about.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

First Look: 2018 Triple Threads

The late summer previews are starting to flood in with more Cutch cards being previewed in his new SF Giants gear.

Similar to other preview posts I will show off the Cutch card shown and will make a prediction if I add it to my collection.

The 2018 Triple Threads card shown for Cutch in the preview is the 1/1 Ruby parallel.  To date I only have 1 Ruby in my PC of Cutch who will be making his 9th year in the release.  The Rubys as you can imagine based on the fact they are 1/1s are extremely tough to get.  If the card hits the secondary market for a reasonable price I will likely pick it up.

I like the design for this year's look, but it has too many similarities to a flagship design for me.

Friday, June 29, 2018

I Was There!

There have been only 2 games I was at that have been turned into Topps Now cards.

I was also at a game that was used for Russel Martin's 2013 Topps Chrome card (and consequently seen in background). 

I also attended a game that was used for an Andrew McCutchen insert where he is signing a yellow Pirates helmet prior to a "Spring Training" game at Citizen's bank park. 

That's it though. Only 4 known games.
Only 2 Topps Now cards sadly.

The first lead to the most expensive Topps Now base card ever produced.  That was the 2016 season opener and the birthplace of the Now program.  Francisco Liriano was selected to be card number 1 as he was the first person to hit an RBI in the 2016 season.  Much like many other years I was at the Pirates home opener.

The second was Andrew McCutchen's return to Pittsburgh.

I was so happy they chose an image like this instead of a random batting photo.  This stadium was rocking!!!  It might have actually been louder than the 2013 playoff game.

Cutch would go on to have an outfield assist and go 1 for 4 at the plate with a double.

Have you attended any games turned into Topps Now cards? Did you buy the cards for the memories?

Thursday, June 28, 2018

9 1/1:Another Contest Response

Dan at It's Like Having My Own Card Shop is currently running a contest to celebrate his 9th year blogging.  9 YEARS!!!  That's incredible.

The theme of the contest can be anything, but to show off 9 cards.

I was stewing with this for a bit.  9 cards?


Well I did a favorite 10 cards of your favorite player contest last year so that is out.  The list has changed slightly, but not enough to warrant an entry in a contest.

Let's see....there is 9 letters in McCutchen and I have at least one card for each letter.  Maybe I show them off by letter for how many I have?
But then I started thinking about technicalities and are the two cards below considered to be Ns? The full letter isn't there.  And what exactly do I do with the A&G cabinet card that is my favorite card of all time.  How many Cs does that account for?

Clearly the letter thing wasn't going to work for me.

I thought I could show my favorite pairings at each position with Cutch.  There is 9 positions in baseball.  That would be kind of cool...but wait....we just did a blog bat around very similar to that.  I didn't have any catcher autos to show off with Cutch and honestly how many more times do I have to post this 9 patch relic of Cutch with Buster Posey, Clayton Kershaw, Mike Trout, Giancarlo Stanton, Robinson Cano, Miguel Cabrera, Jose Abreu, and Troy Tulowitzki.  Hasn't enough been shown already?

9 cards.  I needed to come up with 9 cards to highlight...
9 unique cards that I haven't shown off a bajillion times before.
9 cards of my favorite player.

Damn this is hard.
Then it hit me.

I will show off the 9 cards I have posted about that got ZERO comments on them prior to this post and rank them.

We can call case you missed it.

So here they are my favorite 9 cards you may have missed from this blog.

Teach me how to APBA


Cinco de Mayo

Dated Material 5-7-15

English indy Rock Tunes in my Head

Getting Ridiculous

Wait....I don't have 9 worthy posts that people didn't leave comments on?  You guys are super awesome on my blog.  Fricking super awesome!!!!

How about if I just show off 9 cards that feature the MLB Logoman?  Is that a cop out? To just show off 9 ridiculously sick patches in one post?

We all love baseball, right?
The MLB Logoman has been an iconic fixture in the sport since 1969.

This card has leaped it's way into my Top 10 favorite cards as it is a 1/1 with a logoman and autograph.  It is the only signed card with a logoman that Topps has produced of Cutch over the years.
Having the laundry tag from a workout jersey for Cutch's 1st All Star Game is pretty cool.
Having the sleeve patch from his first start at an All Star Game is equally cool.
The laundry tag from the same game? Sure...why not?
I love 2015 Strata.  I have almost 40 patches from the release of Cutch, but none are better than this one of one.

This next card is coming soon as there was a delay with my package from Probstein.  The Strata goes nicely with the rest of the collection and the card you saw above.

These 3 logomen below I have shown a few times in the past so I won't go into great detail about them.

So there is 9 1/1s containing a Logoman.
Thanks for the contest Daniel.  I had fun with yesterday's post and today's.

For anyone that may want a logoman, but don't have the money to lay down for a 1/1 I suggest looking into the 2011 Topps manufactured patch.  The cards look like the one you can see below.
The manufactured relic set features 100 of the game's greatest stars from the past along with the game's futire stars.  They are serially numbered to 50 so quantities can be limited, but the design is great.